Thc content how to tell

Thc content how to know what you got? Is there a kit or device that tells you how much thc is in your bud. For those of you that make butter, oil etc out of your trim, how do you judge potency?

There are CHEAP kits available but I cannot attest to their accuracy. You normally send samples to a certified LAB

Well, I’m just going to behave on this thread. I have a simpler, less technical solution, but my humor tends to cause a disturbance in the force so I verbalize the process. :v:t2:


Oh I have much easier method to determine potency. But then I won’t understand the results, or remember

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Marijuana causes short term memory loss.
Do you know what marijuana causes? :grin:
Smoke it, if it gets you high, its good shit
If it doesn’t do much, it worthless
PS -THC is NOT the wherewithal in Mj. Terpines are SO MUCH MORE important. I have smoke low level thc bud and it kicked my butt and I have smoked through the roof thc level bud and it was meh…


I do not remeber what it causes😜 but every method for butter etc calls for the potency of the thc in order to dose. While more is better to me I want some cosistency to the process. Therefore someone on here must have a cheap way of kinda doing this.


That is why I sent the link to the cheap THC test kit

And I apprecuate it a lot going to try it and see uf it works thank you

And I will be waiting with baited breath to see / hear the results…Many of us will be waiting…patiently…that’s a lie :slight_smile:

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Lol I checked the girls about 8 am and thought, how did they get so dusty…duh​:money_mouth_face::rofl: it now feels real

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Have you tried it? Is it the same test those in the field are using?

No, I do not test for THC. Years ago, when I was a underground black marketeer, we cared about:
Visual - buds had to be trimmed up good and well formed
Odor - need that sweet smell
Name - people were so hung up on name / strain. We made up names to help move product
Price - Was the easy part. Not having regulatory agencies or taxes to deal with made it easy to undercut the dispensaries. Many of them would buy from me under the table

Now, we went through the period where everyone thought THC was the market maker
We are transitioning to TERPINES…as we have learned they are more important than i high THC count
Like the specialty cafe we spoke of…Designer strains, grown to perfection.

I do not test now and since I grow for home use only (and a friend or 2), not needed. I have NOT used this test kit but for a few bucks, it is worth trying for those who need / want to know

I am reading up on the new light spectrum reports (2020)…seems like
Blue light grows INCREASE THC
PINK light increase CBD production, by as much as 15% or more

Maybe next big thing will be Spectrum controlled lights…Dial a light…choose the spectrum you want
Full spectrum is mass marketing…serves its purpose as the significant method to reach harvest
As / When we get to the Designer / Upper echelon stages, this is where we will go (my prediction)


Here are some pics of some buds best shots I can get of the trics with this phone. The runt is absolutely coated with them. Every bud has some trichome coating. For me it just became real. These plants are 2 days from week 4. They look ok to me. You??

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Give me all the lights to test then. I’m former EMS, I adore the bright shiny things, I’d love it if my bees could hang out, too. I’m sending you some mullein, I’m super interested to see what you pick up on as you cultivate her. Not everyone is ‘allowed’ to grow her and she is also a ‘transcending’ plant. I’m pretty sure our ancestors grew around her. She has an interesting history. I’ve got nine going and they are currently waiting for my next thing. I bring this up because I was looking at them and inherently thought of pink lights. Synchronicities…also Gelato on board, which always ‘connects’ me instantly.

@MoOG if your phone has it try the HDR setting on the camera for good shots of trichomes. Also Harbor Freight has super cheap jewelers loupes.

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I have a good loop. Just to old and IT dumb to get closer clearer pictures. At least not yet. They are really pretty through the loop I also have a microscope but find it difficult to focus. Always looking for new ideas and gadgets. Now…what is hdr? lol

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Hahahaha! Insert words here so I could explain my laughter with more than a click of a heart while also passing the word test.

HDR - high def resolution…Problem is: Earth rotates on an axis and shakes and rattles. Being older,we cannot compensate so when we try to look or photo though an HDR lens, it is blurry…sucks getting old, aye :laughing:?

Gelato - A longtime favorite…great,easy grow, nice flavor and effect

I didn’t mean to test my lights for their color spectrum coverage, I meant about creating a device that would let you dial in on the specific spectrum you desire so you can set your lights to a desired effect.
I do not know how to even imagine what the frequency is for PINK light.
CAN FILTERS be applied? Is it as simple as a sheet of transparent colored film to make the change? Does covering white / full spectrum light with blue film make it BLUE LIGHT (380-500nm?)
And where the heck is pink…above IR? It is not even on the spectrum…

mullein - there are like over 300 species…any one/s in particular? It is for serenity or is there herbal use of it?


You know I’m no help here, but @MDBuds is. Y’all tell me what to test and I’ll do it with some bag seeds or these hemp seeds I have that no one wants. Wherever home will be, I’m down to just grow everydamnthing while I feel like we are all going to be sitting in place for a while after summer. Me and my plants. Woot!