Thc content how to tell

@kmac03 @MoOG for THC potency levels your best bet is just a private lab test. They’re fairly inexpensive these days and cost just about as much as a small home kit without the extra work and they’re much more accurate. To get a better idea of potency and the type of high I would spring for the terpene panel too. It’s usually only an extra $15-20.

If you plan to do a lot of tests though it can add up. If you can swing it investing in a t-check device would be optimal. It’s one of the most accurate home potency testers and has a digital read out much easier to use than the reagent kits. You can test your THC and CBD and pick your favorite strains to send to the lab for other testing like terpene panels etc…

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Can you please point us in the right direction, if allowable?

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Can you give me a link to the device information

@kmac03 @MoOG

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I appreciate ya! Added to wish list. It just never ends, does it? :money_mouth_face:

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Thanks that is getting added to the budget as my lovely wife rolls her eyes lol


Well HDR would work with a tripod maybe. I tried it by hand and I think they are traveling at speed on I-70 lol tremors do not help the process

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No it’s not…Would be nice to know if the kits work…Thinking you would need to send a sample to a lab for the comparison…Jumped in here a little late.

For testing home grown the most cost effective and accurate is sending it to the lab. The purpl pro is 1500$ and theirs information says it’s a +/- 2% accuracy. The Tcheck information says its +/- 15% of the VOLUME of the sample. So its accuracy is dependent on sample size.

The most accurate way is through spectral analysis, not regent testing, or chemical analysis through air samples. So you’ll want a machine that is capable of that. The only 2 that I am aware of the use spectral analysis is purpl pro and Tcheck.

If you make concentrates/edibles/oils etc the the Tcheck is the one you want, its capable of testing multiple different smoke sources e.g. alcohol, oil, etc. As well as flower.

Thank you I am looking into budgeting a Tcheck