THC BOMB outdoor


Welcome to the forum!

I’m sure I’m 100% positive no one notices a thing! Haha! Nice pictures!

I’ll go back to my hole now. Thank you for the laugh!


@Muggs gorgeous grow man. Welcome to the forum.

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Very nice!! Good job, my only concern would be rain from summer thunderstorms pouring off the roof and damaging the plants, or soaking the flowers,but by the look of things that’s not an issue…

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@Muggs 8ft tall! Nice job! I love grows like that! The bigger the better! Welcome to the forum!

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Is there a seed society I can join… in need…

I am working on one with a breeder friend of mine. WE currently try to support vet’s in need and have started in the Washington area. I am looking to expound on this and make an online presence. DC Exchange does this, I love them for it but it is mainly breeders selling their wares.
A few of use here have been trading seeds we bought here as we overbuy to get better prices…