Thank you Homegrown...MS Wife So Happy

I just wanted to stay thank you to Homegrown.
My wife has MS and truth be told we have had just perfect results with your seeds…and have made a ton of hash. My wife has eent from 80 Vi·co·din a month to tincture and dry ice hash. So thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. And here are some Awesome pics of my harvest from Homegrown Seeds


Just wanted to say one more time you can Trust this company 100% with your seed-Needs




@jeremykeel1 welcome man. So glad your wife managed to find relief with cannabis. It’s definitely a much better option than opiates and barbiturates. If you wouldn’t mind could you please share the strain?

I’m a medicinal grower and I make terpene profiles and strain suggestions for people with many ailments and I currently do not know anyone with MS or which strains are effective.


Trth bebtold…Green Crack helps my wife during Flare ups


That’s a great strain. I’ve usually heard of people using diesel strains but I’ll add that one to my list. Thank you so much.

I completely agree though that these guys are amazing. Great service and great genetics.


@jeremykeel1 your making my heart sing and my soul fly. Getting off or slowing down of the pain meds is HUGE. Making your own medicine is priceless. Seeing you gratitude for your wife’s health …Thank you for this post.


Hey dude, I have hardware in my back @ C2 to T1 & L2 to S1. While the surgery was successful, I developed spasms and cramps throughout my upper back.
What kind of terpenes should I be looking for? If we need to make this a more professional visit, let me know.

Truth we just try and find a happy medium between Sativa and Indica. Mixed with a little hash and Dabs…lol…the full Green spectrum. Lately we have found that Dabs help with immediate issues also Treetown THC Tincture, two droppers full.

Hope that helps a little bit Brother

We grew NYC Diesel Autoflower and 2 Gelato phenotype.

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It must be a vegas thing! I am caged T12, l1,2,3,4,5 to S1
For some reason, smoking does not alleviate my pain but gives me the ability to ignore it. I go with Indica heavy strains as they dull my senses (that is not pain relief, sometimes I feel my pain more) I just have a greater ability to deal with it. When I go to hybrids, 80/20, 70/30. I just started growing CDB Dr 30:1 and RED. Pretty much no THC and I am getting close to trying it. I also notice when I use my tinctures, I seem to get better relief. I associate that with reduced inflammation. I was waiting to ask MDBuds until my CBD strains were ready, he really has this down

Yes sir we are gonna grow CBD as well good idea

DUDE, we are almost twins!
I’ve been trying to describe what you have written so eloquently to others.
I’m afraid of wasting $$ on CBD, since I’ve had no relief using CBD heavy tinctures .
YES. The indicas do not relieve pain but help you ignore your pain much better.
It has been very hard trying to make my peeps understand that although I can smoke a whole joint, I don’t get much pain relief. It just makes the person I’m talking to look a little stranger.
:sunglasses: :laughing: :v:t6:
Thanks for letting me vent.
Let me know if the CBD works.

BTW, I got you beat on the hardware.

Can u tell me what u see in the pic I’ve uploaded. Zoom in on leaves.

Here is another view! I think this pic is of the same plant.

Tinctures: different pathway (trachea, esophagus, stomach, liver) sounds like you have great gut health

Smoke: lungs/kidneys maybe some irritation in there (especially coming off of COVID; clear kidneys/liver)

Physiology path: stomach (acid/base balance) to liver (first stop at the washing machine) to kidney (second stop at washing machine; some goes back through the body, rest is excreted; calcium/mag is shed among other things; where Blood Pressure and BP meds can make a difference here)

If you have bad digestion, oral supplements won’t work. Suppositories work best.

If you have a bad liver, suppositories and/or smoke is best.

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Take it for what it’s worth and I hope someone else chimes in to assist, but I think your trichs might be nute stress produced. @MDBuds, @Khatru

@GOLLO send me a pm with everything you need help with and I’ll give you a terp profile for your needs and suggest a few strains.

Pain is a tricky one since everyone processes things much differently and not everyone likes to use dry herb vaporizers or full plant extract edibles or tinctures to take advantage of the terpenes.

@Mrb53004 whenever you’re ready man I’ll walk you through whatever you need. Anything from making tinctures and concentrates to terpene profiles and strains.