Tent size for plants

Im new, and really need to know How many plants can I fit in a 2.5×2.5 tent and not be over crowded?

It depends on the technique and strain. But as a general estimate I’d say 2 to 3 scrog and 6 to 10 in small pots if you’re doing sog.

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Ok, so my next grow im doing another Gelato, a seed from a buddy the he ordered from a seed bank, don’t know which one, but its called Alaska Purple. Could I fit a 3rd with these two or no?

This is my grow area it’s 4 Foot long 22" wide and 5 1/2 foot tall and this is what I grew in it this cycle. I found any more than this and it gets pretty crowded in my opinion, just depends on how big you want to grow them. My 1st cycle in this closet I started with 14 seeds ended up with 6 healthy plants and only average 1.7 oz per plant the 2nd cycle in this Room I did 3 plants and got about 6 oz per plant this cycle I did 2 plants and I will let you know what they weigh when it gets dry. So it’s just how you prefer to grow, just for the main cola bud or if you want them to branch out a bit ? Its all personal Preference. Have fun, play around with pot size, lighting many different things just enjoy the ride!! @Dabbindeebo


I’m a fan of less but bigger plants, that being said I’d only do 2 in a 2.5’ x 2.5’.

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You can definitely fit a third one in there. Top them, keep them short, do some lst, and make sure to keep some good airflow going.

Those plants when grown idoors only need about 2 square feet of space if you’re going to flower early and do lst. 2.5x2.5 gives you 6.25 square feet of space. Just enough for 3 decent sized plants and some air flow.


I would put one plant in a 10 gallon pot. Preferably a great scrog strain( white rhino) for ex. Something that could maximize your space with less work.


it just depends on how large each pot is and how large you plan on growing your plant out to be. Try starting off small and work your eay up

I ran 6 autoflower in a 3×4 tent and it got crowded at the end, not bad, but still could have used more room.

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So you think I could do like 3 autos in the one that I have. 2.5×2.5

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Yeah, it will be a bit tight, but you can definitely do it. You may need to tie your branches (lst) so the dont spread out as much. Keep a good airflow and watch the humidity closely. I would recommend a fan for above and below the canopy. This is my 6 at full flower.


What size tent is that?

4ft wide 3ft deep 7ft tall. Made it myself, not really a tent, just vapor barrier tacked to the wall with emergency blankets lining it. Could be made with pvc frame for dirt cheap.


All i use is a old dog cage lined with tinfoil standing upright.

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Man, their huge can’t wait to see mine look like that!!:clap::clap: