Temp Control during dry/cure period

I have come to the realization there is no way I will be able to lower the dry/cure temp below 70 without a small ac- air conditioner or air cooler.

An air cooler needs no outside ventilation and is my first choice. However, outside is 100/50rH and inside is 80/50rH.

Can an air cooler drop the temperature 15 degrees and maintain it? If so, is there a brand that works?

Second option is a small ac that I could manage to vent outside. Which I know would handle the temperature drop. Any recommendations?

Perhaps we should make a separate category for growing zone and conditions.

Next time I will grow in the winter. This is my first grow and a learning experience. I don’t want to buy an ac to use one harvest unless I must.


Look for a free A/C on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I have found several this way. People upgrade and need to get rid of their old units. Good luck!

You don’t say if you have a window, or where your grow space is from any outside vent. Tent within room or room? Etc. obviously no electronics will cool the space it’s in. There has to be a transfer, a fridge heats your kitchen, for example. So tent within room with no outside window, you’re talking chilling the tent at the expense of the room.

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