Tan spots on auto flower 12th week

Hi Everyone. Any thoughts on why my leaves are getting these spots? I germinated these tangerine autos on 3.25 and into soil on 3/31 so I the plants are in their 12th week and have been super happy & healthy the entire grow. They still seem very strong and nice buds maturing. The only issue I am seeing are these spots on the leaves. Thank you for any help!!!

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@JBL calcium deficiency more than likely since it’s only affecting the upper most new growth and none of the older growth.

This late in it isn’t a huge deal since it looks like you only have another week or two max left and if you do organics it will finish up before the top dressing even starts working.

If you’re using bottles a splash of calmag in your water will suffice until you begin flushing for harvest.

Just to be on the safe side though I’d check the plant for webs and mites under the leaves too. Early stage mite damage looks almost exactly like calcium deficiency but you’ll see mites and egg sacs under the leaves along with super fine webbing.

Thrip damage looks similar early on too but you’ll see skinny brown/black bugs darting around about the size of the tip of a pencil.

@MDBuds Thank you! I have had thrips and spider mites before on other grows so I did check very thoroughly for those and fortunately I don’t see any signs of those critters on any of the plants in the tent. I will pick up some calmag and give that a shot either on these or future grows as I agree that these plants are ready for harvest in about 1 to 2 weeks so I will continue to monitor closely and hopefully everyting will finish up nicely. I will post some harvest time photos in a week or so. Thanks.