SwS5s4 Grow's 23

Starting season 2023.
Makeshift tent for seedlings, with a minimum 120w QB.

The vases have been cooking for 25 days.
in the first cycle of the year there will be two plants.

1 Bubba Kush and 1 Black CandyLand. each in a 20L screen pot with supersoil.



after 8 hours in filtered water and 24 hours in paper towels. Blackcandyland sprouted faster, with a larger radicle. I already put it in a 300ml pot, while Bubba Kush was on paper waiting


yesterday she broke the floor, today it’s like this. Black Candyland looks very fast. Bubba kush still nothing


one week after germination.
only Candyland germinated. I put another one and I’m waiting. the bubbakush lies dormant. I will try to germinate one more. slow start


10 days after germination. B.Candyland is developing well. other seeds have not yet germinated. waiting.
checking the PH of the water, it’s at 10. I started to balance it to 7. maybe that’s why nothing germinates anymore.


today I transplanted BCandyland. I set up the tent with the new light and I’m still trying to germinate 1 more of each…


She’s a beaut, Clark! Green looks good and my goodness those clean roots! Nice!


entering the fifth week after germination. the plant is growing well. but as it is a regular strain I germinated one more just in case. this week I still do a top pruning and I hope that this second one will be able to reach the first one. I planted it straight into the final pot.


today with 30 days, I did the top pruning and cleaned the first Candyland. I put the stems to clone and test to see if it works. I hope it’s female. I hope to delay its growth to give the second plant time to catch up with the first.

I put cinnamon on the wounds to ward off possible sap suckers. after five hours, the plant showed no signs of stress or looked sad


third week of veg.
I did the second apical pruning on the four stems. the plant seems to take it well.
she is drinking 1 liter every two days. adding coconut water (50ml/L) and a spoonful of molasses. in addition to humic and fungal acids.

the second Candyland is also going into the third week of germination, it is only now starting to develop true leaves, perhaps because it was planted directly in the pot it prioritized developing roots. for her, spray water with humic acids and coconut water only.

The clones are still in the box and I’m not sure when I should transplant them, maybe when they grow back I’ll change them.


third week of veg. the plant has recovered from the last pruning and has developed its stems a little. the nodes are interspersed and of the 8 heads I planned, 1 is not growing like the others.

the second plant is going into the third week of germination. maybe because of the light it is developing with less distance between the nodes. for her I will only do a pruning the other week if she continues to grow at this rate.

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today was transplant day. of the 5 cuttings, only 3 took root.

I also started LST at BCndlnd 01

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fifth week of veg. some tweaks to the LST and a good defoliation.

on the second plant, apical pruning and light cleaning

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without much news.
Candyland_01 seventh week, Candyland_02 third week,
clones two weeks after the transplant, I continue to vegetate

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BlkCndLand 01 eighth week
Two days ago I did the last defoliation before turning to flowering. my idea now is to hold another three weeks until my change for this to occur.

watering with 500ml/day water with 50ml coconut water

BlkCndLand 01_ fourth week

despite calling it candilandy I believe it is Bubbakush, because with the same diet and lighting it has grown differently, closer knots and quite different coloring. I’m also thinking of doing an apical pruning on the six stems and bending, it will also wait another three weeks at least to flower. enough time to recover.

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Black Candyland, week 10

it continues to grow, some adjustments to the ties, defoliation and pruning.

some signs of phosphorus deficiency, corrected with coconut water and a little biobloom

Bubba Kush week 6
definitely not the same plant as the first one. structure of the stems, shape of the leaves, form of growth, all different. looking at the germination history, at some point I let it go, but what germinated was definitely a bubba kush!


these underwent an apical pruning and I also removed the pair of large leaves. are in 1.5L vases with organic substrate. are developing well with almost 1 month since rooting

I did this test last week, with some pruning. in a glass of water alone, this stem took root in 4 days. I think I got this cut right.

Bubba Kush

both were put to root on the same day, apart from the difference in the amount of substrate, there was a variation in development. still thinking what to do with all these clones.

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flower time!!!
finally my move happened, smoothly and a bit chaotic.

I managed to set up the tents and in the rush the plants spent a few days without resting on 24/0, it took me a while to realize, only after 3 days I realized that the timmer was not set correctly.

they suffered a little, Candyland showed some deficiency and it’s good that I didn’t change to 12/12 as soon as I did

this week served to see the best position of the tents and adjust the configuration, in addition to letting the plants recover from stress

with the two tents set up and the big plants and clones separated, I decided to move on to the flora and see what happens. Now starting week 13 of Candyland and week 9 of Bubba.

the clones that are in 1.5L vases, despite having grown since the last update, are fragile and I think I will have to transplant them to larger vases. black spots also appeared on the candyland clones, probably fungus.

these are the updates. With the change of city and all the rush of life it was difficult to update, I hope to post weekly again.

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7 liter pots with ready soil

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End of the first week of 12/12.
Both have developed little, the temperature has varied by day at 23~24C and in the dark 16~18C. keeping the humidity around 53~58%.

Black Candyland is showing some signs of heat stress and the pestils are barely bigger than earlier in the week, it has also lost many large leaves.

Bubba kush looks happy with no signs of stress or disability. it also got a lot fuller and the stems seem to be developing well

After three days of transplanting, the clones finally seem to have adapted to the new pot. I think about keeping 1 bubba kush as a matrix and finishing the 3 candylands in those vases. I am finding it very problematic and delicate for a perpetual culture.

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