Stuck between a rock hard and soft bud space?! Suplimental IR uv

Ok so I was looking into getting some more red and adding a bit of UV into my 5x5 I’m running; 150w groplanner o-series wifi x5, 750w. But I might just put 4 in there and run some suplimental red and uv. I’m just curious on how much uv I need, is should I get a UV bar light, or a couple burple lights with UV and red already in them. I was gonna put one 4ft UV (or two 2ft bars) and then maybe a couple decent burple lights like a 2 king LEDs or 2 bestbas small ones like 600w-1000w. But then I seen these 2ft bars for 60$ and they are red and uv (that’s it) with a dimmer for each color, and 3 color settings. Could anyone steer me the right way on this? Here are some of the ones I was eyeing.

This was the one I was closer too, I was thinking two of these would do what I need, please send me some love y’all, I could use it! Anyways keep them ladies happy y’all I’ll talk to you soon

EnjoYield DIY-60 Bloom Booster LED Grow Light, Dimmable Red & UV Grow Lights for Flowering, Supplemental Grow Lights Bar for Indoor Plants 2x3 2x4FT

Spider Farmer UV30 UV Supplemental LED Grow Light Bar 365-420nm Compatible with SE7000, SE1000W, G860W, G1000W Grow Light Commercial Grade Supplemental Grow Light 30W

Active Grow T5 2FT LED Strip Light - Integrated LED Lamp - Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Flowers, Fruit, Vegetables and Germination - 10W - Red Bloom Spectrum - Linkable - 120-277V - 2-Pack

Yescom 225 Red SMD LEDs Grow Light Ultrathin Panel Hydroponics Indoor Plant Lamp for Growing Room Tent (Pack of 4)

Apelila 3300W Led Grow Lights for Indoor Plants- Full Spectrum LED Plant Growing Lamps w/UV&IR, (w/ Bloom Switch 576 LEDs)

I’d check on a suitable light for your space that has ir and uv and see what proportion of led chips it is. If its like 5%(which I think would be less) then try imagine whatever you use should represent those. So if money allows just get one but I reckon a 12 inch fluorescent type unit would be plenty uv. I know about supposed trike improvement but not sure how to use it. Get co2 for a noticeable increase. Someone should know more. What’s Google say?