Strawberry Cough anyone growing this?

Well any growers of the Straw Cough? I have had a less than lackluster grow and am wondering if there are any pics of what it should look like. I am quite upset at how awful mine did. It was my first grow but i would expect more that what i have got.


Welcome @GixxGrows. While I haven’t personally grown it I’m sure someone here has.

What were you growing methods, mediums environment, and nutrients?

Any pics would help.


Welcome @GixxGrows post some pics so we can see what you’re working with. Also, where are you growing, what kind of light, how much light, nutrients, soil or hydro? The more detailed you are the more detailed the answer will be👍. Hope this helps😎

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Welcome to the [email protected] can you put pictures of them on here or you can Google pictures of what strains


My dad is growing this rn!

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Its outside tho and harvest is around November 1st but were in the south, so hoping we skate in b4 the 1st frost

Hang on I have pics of his


Yea i have clone outside and its been in the 50 at night getting close

This is also homegrown seeds as he gets his seeds from me!

But my friend, the sc is like 80% sativa so smaller buds than indicas, and the flower time is like 12 weeks, but if big harvest r what ur wanting u probably wanna stick to the indicas

Id imagine U probably got it the same way I did, through one of the bonuses with ur purchase, I never looked at the stats until way later either

I had some blurple lights for the majority of grow. I now have Mars hydro Sp3000. I am using vegamatrix. Though I’m a dumbass I realized last night I was feeding the flowering recipe the whole time not the vegetative recipe during veg. Temps in room were normally 75 humidity 45-55 give of take. My trimming may have been a little shitty. This is my first Canibus grow. I have been gardening for 30+ years.

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Im growing grape ape inside and the clone come from power plant last grow

Is it a male it odd looking and is it in flowering or veg

Lol well man I suppose ud rather feed flower nutes to veging plant instead of the other way around lol flower is the import part, but those do look odd, it looks like it’s at the end of its life cycle but the buds look half finished

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If it was me i would start pulling leafs that me though

Well man, I’ve been doing this a while, but I’m no expert by far I make mistakes myself, but with the information uve given I’d say it looks like ur crappy light is the culprit to me…what nutes where u using? And how often where u feeding or watering? And are u checking the trichomes?

I got the seeds from BCBuds. I still have some I will try again. They are not male and yea the leaf system is weird. Most of the fan leafs have fallen off.

I was planning on chopping them this weekend and see how it goes. I have been flushing for a week now.

Yea im not sure about them but someone on here wiil give a hollow out to @MDBUDS

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