Strawberry Cheese Auto from Homegrown

Sharing is caring! I also have an interesting looking pheno of this growing.



That looks superb. What’s your setup and feed? You must be quite experienced? I have 3 that are nine days since flip.
A skywalker cookies, agg#4 and an unknown kush, either master or strawberry. I lost some seeds and found it about 3 inch long so it seems resilient.



I’m not very experienced at all. All credit goes to the light.
HLG 300R
Fabric pots with SOHUM Soil
Roots terp teas
That’s it lol

I’m envious of the hlg. Best on the market. Have you seen the scorpion and diablo. Mind bliwing

Very good lamps . . . I have the Scorpion RSpec and the Diablo 200 . . . thinking seriously about the new Scorpion Diablo X. Just have to figure out a way to convince the ole lady I need a new $1000 light.

No. If you’ve got those you are at top lights. To upgrade will meke em slightly better. Not $1000 tho. My ambition is to own just a hlg. Full stop.

You may be a ble to advice a drunken thought I had last night.
I have a 2x2 foot tent with 100 to 150 (not certain) led which had produced. But in my wisdom I got a 600 hps working that I thought was broken and added it to my tent on 250w. Monitoring temps on muy phone. Will remove if too much. I have co2 bags but so far stayed under 85` put up 25%. Next few days will tell me what to do. Nut any advice is welcome with open arms

I grow in a 2x4 and the 300r is perfect for it. They seem to be priced pretty fair on Amazon.
An inline fan can help with temps but I just leave the top of my door open. Personally, I feel like inlines are too much for smaller tents so I just leave the door open a bit

HLG lamps aren’t cheap . . . but I don’t regret buying mine. I do wonder about the Diablo 200, it has a single Diablo 648 qb running at 200w . . . and it wasn’t on the market long before being discontinued . . . and they added the 150w Patriot as a 2x2 lamp.
Also, if it applies, HLG gives veterans a 20% discount.

I’ve used a 600w HPS before, but don’t think they should be dimmed:

"NEMA recommends that high-pressure sodium lamps not be dimmed below 50% of rated lamp power. Dimming below the recommended minimum can significantly degrade lamp life—potentially voiding lamp warranties—while also affecting efficacy, color and lumen maintenance. For retrofit metal halide lamps designed to operate on high-pressure sodium ballasts, and specialty high-pressure sodium lamps (e.g., internal ignitor, etc.), consult the lamp manufacturer about whether dimming is allowed and resulting parameters and limitations.

Besides dimming range, NEMA recommends that high-pressure sodium lamps be operated at full light output for at least 15 minutes before dimming. If a voltage interruption extinguishes the lamp, the timer should be reset only after the lamp has restarted. For more information, consult the Guidelines."

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Thanks! I didn’t even know they did a vet discount. Thanks for telling me before I bought it…lol Still completely worth it though.

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You got it going on! Nice work! :yin_yang:

Thanks! I can’t wait to try her out. It smells VERY cheesy

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