Stoners Corner 🌿

When I lived in LA and planted outdoors in my yard I always had one plant right next to the gate for a decoy so if they broke in the fence they would grab the decoy and run. 8 out of 10 times it was the best plant I had in my yard and it was the one I did the least to because I figured it was always going to be stolen but it never was

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@B.G.1 :speaking_head:

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Unshackled

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Hey @DollarBill, @dmtscravey, @MDBuds & @Khatru. Look at the difference GDP flipped 6 weeks ago.

And Sunday 6 wks

She smells SO GOOD & she frosty (have to upload later)
Can’t wait to see what she harvest!!

Everyone have safe, warm & healthy day.


Stoners corner is a pretty generic title and I think all of us on here are considered stoners don’t see the problem?? Just saying!!

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@dmtscravey that’s a GDP photo thanks. Only a few more weeks before the big CHOP!!


@Adcrag my GDP was one of the best and easiest I grew. When it came time to CUT HER DOWN, I was so sad so I left some on her and re-vegged her. When you put her back under 18+ hrs of light, she returns with a vengeance. Give about 2 weeks and you start to see the comeback. After that, becasue you have such an established root structure, she grows like 2x as fast and 2x as much. No need to wait for a new seedling to get sprouted and grow up…If you got the room, try…nothing to loose but a great strain to double up on