Still A Newbie - Second Grow

Hello again all. My 2nd Grow begins today. ONE plant this time, as my tiny Grow tent got all crowded-up with three, on my first effort.

ONE Purple Kush Auto, in Fox Farm (Brown bag) soil, amended with two heaping TBLSPNS Dr. Earth’s Flower Girl organic compound. NO other nutrients at this time. 3-Gal fabric Grow-Bag. Light: Bloom Plus BP1000 1,000w output LED, perched about 15" above my Little Lovely. I have it set for 20/4, Off only from 10pm-2am. I plan to leave it like this, for the Duration.

I sprouted the seed between 2 paper towels 4 days ago and placed it directly in Fox Farm soil in a 6-inch pot, and the seedling is Cringing a bit from the Fox Farm soil nutrients - but it seems OK for now.

Seed from HG. This Auto is supposed to get only 60 CM tall, but I plan to LST it, beginning 2-3 weeks from now to avoid the problem of it going up into the light. I’m shooting for a Maximum height of 30 inches, including the Stretch. Soon as Flowering begins, I intend to alternate nutrients with Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) and Cultivation Nation (0-5-4) Bloom, both mixed 1/2 strength, about 2 tsp. per gallon.

Any suggestions or comments are of course welcome. I’m a pretty inexperienced Grower. At least for the past 50 years lol.

Arr Ell sounds like you are growing in fox farms happy frog soil I use it for the seedlings and I put it in a peat pot and when I grow it up to about 3 weeks I then transplant them to ocean forest. I use 3 gallon smart pots. I have never had to feed anything else to my soil till about six weeks after the repot and I use 1/3 of the instructions call for. And I run the PH between 6-7 I don’t want to see the same PH each time I water I feed them every other time and I don’t have any shock to the seedlings. I use a water proof PH 200 pen I like them because they are easy to use and easy to recalibrate when needed. I check the pen every week to be sure that it’s good. Hope that you will get some good information. Stay safe and grow happy. Best Regards Robert


Yo Robert

Yes it’s Happy Frog soil. I had to flip a coin, when trying to choose between that or Ocean forest. In your experience, is Ocean Forest superior to Happy Frog?

I use both but for very different reasons. I use happy frog as is nothing added I use it for the seedlings and I don’t use much of it. I fill little peat pots that the roots grow through. And at about week 3 I transplant to 3 gallon smart pots I don’t feed anything till about six weeks and then it’s 1/3 of the recommended strength. I don’t want to burn the plants and when seedlings they are easy to get a nutrient burn. I don’t want to stress the small seedlings it will set them back a little bit. They are not cheap but they are very good and both have a different use for me. I hope this will help you some were all learning. And your seedling is going to be fine. This is just the way I have done for a lot of years. I used miracle grow soil when I started but it’s a inferior soil that is loaded with pathogens and fly larvae. Remember you get what you pay for. I learned that the hard way. Stay safe and grow happy Best Regards Robert.


I’ve had good luck using just FFHF @Rob. You will need to feed them sooner than using FFOF.
I always amend mine with worm casting and compost as well. Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

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Rye I thank you for being so kind. I have grown for about 26 years and I’m still learning I hope that I can learn something. I have always used happy frog for the first couple of weeks and I go to the ocean forest for the whole grow and I don’t have to feed till I have 6 weeks and then I use fox farm. There’s no one way I know that I may try the way you are doing it. Stay safe and grow happy. Best Regards Robert


Hello all. Bit of an Update: Here’s my little gal, 12 days from germination. Took me a few days to re-locate my own thread lol.

I’ve been watering with a VERY LIGHT hand, no fertilizer as yet (except the Dr Earth’s soil mix at planting). Will be adding another 1/2 dose of that, at one month. Flowering should be started by then. All A-OK, no pests, no wilt, no rot. Extraordinarily thick stem on this one, for such a young lady. About 1 centimeter.


Question, for more experienced growers: I have used 3-gallon fabric Gro Bags so far. I noticed upon emptying them (washing them out, re-using them) that the Autoflowers I’ve been growing have a small root ball…in fact, they don’t even fill out the 3-gallon bag, so I bought a pack of 2-gallon ones. Try to save some of that expensive Fox Farm soil. Anyone have any experience with these? If so, did your plants get Root-Bound?

I’d kind of like to keep my plants SMALL anyway, to fit in my tiny grow space - but without stunting them too badly. Any input?


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How is this for compact growing?

Yes, those are solo cups


Whoa! I would appreciate, knowing your Secrets lol. I could put a few of these in my little 2x2x4 ft tent…they’d fit :smiley:

Do the buds smoke just as well? Looks like they would…

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Thank you!!! Saved to disk. I’ve got some seeds I want to try this with. Sure looks like a lot of work, but fun. So you just Bonsai them, from the bottom up? Neato! :heart_eyes:

OUCH! I HURT my plant this morning. It’s rather Stubby, but I had previously decided to tie it down (LST it), so I went ahead with it. I used a paper punch to put holes in the rim of my Gro-Bag, and when trying to tie the plant down, the edges of the bag folded in on me…resulting in a bit of Manhandling my little girl. YIKES!

No picture today - I am ashamed of myself. Nothing broke or torn, so it will recover I’m sure. I also over-watered it a bit. Time to take a BREAK. Stop damaging things.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! :smiley:

OH OK - I took a pic, before the Manhandling. Here she was, when I checked on her. She’s in Tears, now.

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I tie down only to the handles. I use Anchor pins
$2.,50 for 40 pins . If you find the long ones, even better. I stick these in the dirt and then ties down to them or if they are the long ones, I place over the branch and insert. I push down a little each day till I reach desired bend
you can just google Landscape Pins


TY for the tip. My plant is short & squat so I’m going to undo what I have done, until I know for sure it’s necessary. Then I’ll look into those Pins. TYVM.

Beautiful girl you have there. Like you, I have a hard time locating my own thread. :rofl:

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It has not stretched yet. Indica plants tend to grow short with thick stems and broad, deep-green leaves. They also have short flowering cycles, and grow sufficiently in cold. They have a woody stalk, not a fibrous one. Indica plants also grow more quickly than sativa. It will start to space out in between the nodes soon, then you can start LST those branches. This is a perfeect time for topping or fimming in case you are ready to HST (high stress train)

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I decided against Topping this one, but I did Top its companion plant (pic below). I’m going to grow a substitute plant alongside my main one, in case “something” goes wrong lol. Like today…I managed to muss that one’s hair…but I undid what I had done, so it’s OK now.

This is a Purple Kush Auto, which is supposed to grow short. But my tent is VERY short, and that caused problems for my 1st grow. You’re right: The stem is awesomely thick, for such a young plant. More than one CM, a bit less than two. I’m a bit desperate to keep my grow short.

My Backup Plant


Update: The only fertilizer I have used on this Grow was the Dr. Earth’s Flower Girl. I plan on starting with some Tiger Bloom at four weeks but am re-thinking that…as my plant is “All over the place”, and seems to be thriving on Fox Farm Happy Frog soil.

Here she is at 18 days, and her Backup Plant which is also going nuts. I have day-to-day pics but won’t bore you all with them.

Backup Plant

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They look so healthy. @Bulbous52 I had so many pictures I filled up my phone.

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