Starting new, with a crappy old lady

2 week old runtz looking gorgeous

5 week old deelite that looks like a midget.
3 more are joining the group once they break surface. 2 citrus bubblegum’s and a mimosa orange punch.

Giving a new soil a shot too. The dude at my local hydro store swears by it. It’s called build a soil 3.0 recipe.

@Snowyroads that 3rd pic looks like it’s been re vegged. May be the pic but has a strange structure. Let us know how that mimosa punch does as I have a seed, an auto, called mimosa x orange punch from barney’s farm. Sounds tasty

I’m in coco tho. I have going 3 photos. A skywalker cookies a gg#4 and the unknown soldier as I found it sprouted from some lost seeds. Looks like a kush. Strawberry or master. I hope

Ha yeah, I’m super stoked for the mimosa punch (Barney farm) I got a 10 pack of those.
Yeah dude it seems like the crappy old lady like lollipoped herself. I tried raising the light a little so she might grow taller, but that didn’t help.
The old heffer didn’t like lst much at all. Looks like I’m just gonna get one big nug and a couple smaller.
I don’t understand why ghc keeps sending deelite seeds like they are something special.
I’m putting in one more small order just to use my stash points. I’m going to another site for my seeds now. Last order, I was blown away by the freebies. MVB from now on

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@Snowyroads what light are you using, how far from canopy is it and what’s your tent size? If

1500w kingled, the tent is 3x3x5. I’ve got the light at about 20 inches. With the bloom and veg lights on. 18/6 schedule

Just looked at that soil and it seems to have very little n and k but I’ve never grown in soil, only coco

It definitely had enough p and k. I think she’s just handicapped :man_shrugging:t3:

Lol. Just looks weird. You say enough p and k? If so nitrogen is needed. It’s needed at a bigger ratio than pk. Only for veg. Other way around in flower. I’ve been reading up on it and it seems in flower it should be like 0.5-1-0.75 as a ratio. They don’t look n deficient tho. Like I said I’ve zero soil experience.
Looking forward to mimosa. I’ll keep an eye out

My mamosa broke soil today. So did the 2 citrus bubblegums. I can’t wait

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Runtz are looking great. Gave the handicapped deelite some boomerang and she’s just going to be small

Runtz are looking great at only 17 days.

The deelite is almost 7 weeks and has basically stopped growing at 7in…. Weak…

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Been having big problems with the mamosa punch seads

What problems are you having? I have some mimosa x orange punch from barney’s. Ive saved these as they sound so nice. Good luck with em

I’m having more issues with the citrus bubblegums.
The orange punch’s, I had one never pop. I had one never break soil and died. Finally I have 2 that have broken soil but they are really slow and their baby leaves are messed up

OK. I’ll just hope mine are OK.

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Here’s the 2 mimosa punches. Small slow and weird. Hopefully they start to look right soon.

@Snowyroads is it too hot or light too close?
A pic in natural light may help.
Maybe nitrogen toxicity if the leaves are major dark green.

My mimosa popped today. After 12hrs!!!

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