Start off soil?

I know I’ve seen it on here. But cant find it. Starting an indoor grow. 4 Girl Scout Cookies. What kind of soil do I start with?

It’s really user preference in what route you wanna take,I’ve seen a lot of people use pro mix hp with really good results. If they’re autos which I doubt they are a good idea would be fox farm happy frog.
Regardless you want to start out with a soil that isn’t too “hot” in the npk range imo. There’s a lot of choices out there in the world and everyone in it has a different opinion of which is best, the only real pointer I can give is to stay far far away from any form of miracle grow soil… stuff might be good for flowers or veggies but in the canny world it ain’t worth a hoot.


Another vote for happy frog,had great results with it!

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I like to start them in GEO zen blend and move to a 40/60 of zen/ffof. Nutes starting week five-ish.

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I ran a crop in happy frog, not pleased with yield. Next crop I used a small core of happy frog, known to be gentle, about two cups in volume, in the middle of a larger pot of ocean forest, far better, but nutes still needed toward the end. Third crop will be hf in the middle of OF, and start the fox farms nutes about three weeks in.

Big Rootz. I’ve had good luck with it… may be just a local thing though?? Nope just checked it. Even amazon has it… anyway I’m a novice so take it as you will but I’ve had good grows on just big rootz with autos and there is baby rootz for starters.