Spring Autoflowers started

The new seeds (except for a few I want to space out time wise another week or two) are out of the ground. Once the last of the current cycle is out I will figure out how much room I have and might plant 1-2 more earth boxes.

Day 19 - Pinot Noir and Wedding Cake cross. The Pinot Noir is Double Grape x Creme de la Chem while the other is Wedding Cake x Double Grape x CDLC. Which is why they look pretty much identical as seedlings.

Another box of Pinot Noir and Wedding Cake. The bigger is the Pinot Noir at day day 12 and the Wedding cake at day 5. So far looking good…Just keeping an eye on the stems to make sure they’re not getting over watered.

Pineapple Runts at day 2 out of the ground… Stems are borderline… Will let dry out and only fine mist the foliage.

Also popped but still deciding if I want to put in earth boxes or wait another week and re-seed so different ones… Strawberry Nuggets x Livers BX1, Planet of the Grapes, Forum Stomper x Toof Decay, and Riley’s OG x Walter White.

I may give a couple of those away as I think I want to run the Toof Decay by its self and Fanstasmo since I have not run that yet and wait another week or two. In the end we would like two EB’s each in three quadrants and have half finishing flower as the other are heading to flower.

Hopefully the one moving out are finished within the next two weeks. At day 64 from seed right now.

Getting closer…Pineapple Runtz

Pineapple Runtz

Strawberry OG Cookies

Fat lower racks on the Pineapple Runts

The most sativa dominant of the Pineapple runts and definitely the most gassy.

Overall I would say the Pineapple Runtz run was great… I got three different plant types (so maybe not the most consistent in terms of flower type and structure)… But they ALL smell AMAZING and will have better than average yields for an Auto flower as they are decent size and produce dense aromatic flowers. Definitely recommend running them… I just started two more. The Strawberry OG Cookies are definitely lacking in size but the flowers have intense aroma to them and are absolutely caked all the way through. Strawberry and gas… Great flowers but the yields may not be enough to entice me to run them again.

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Very Nicely done! You seem to have it all down to a Science! image image image image image image image Day 67 from germ the 2 in the Container! As soon as they done i am going to transfer that soil to the 2 new earth boxes and drop some beans! :yin_yang:

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Looking great! I will probably have 1 finish at least a week before the others.

You plan to wait to harvest together or staggered harvest?

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I plan to stagger them and remove as the hairs recede. The last one that will be harvested just stop stretching! The 1st is nearly done, so no chance of doing it together! I cut small sections of a washing machine water hose to use as clamp to hold the earth box cover on. 2-3” pieces split down the side: see if this works and for how long :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::100:

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Those choices sound great! I prefer Indica or Indica dominate hybrid. At 69 days i clipped a lower bud to check out how my drying situation works before i put a plant or two in for processing :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check:

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I’m with you on the Indica dominant hybrids but having some sativa during the day while you’re trying to get stuff done…

For the new earth boxes I decided to go with two plants in a box again. I already have the Wedding Cake and Pinot Noir at three full weeks now so by time they pop we will have a pretty good spread. Next cycle we’ll probably back off 1 or 2 earth boxes but the jars are pretty empty right now. We have 3 avail. EB’s and the final decision on the strains is…

  1. Toof Decay (Blueberry x Grapefruit) 2. Fantasmo (OG Ghost Train haze #1 x auto) 3.Creme de la Chem 4. Strawberry Nuggets x Livers BX1, 5. Planet of the Grapes (ethos) 6. Pineapple Runtz

I think that will be a pretty good mix of sativa/indica dominants.

Pinot Noir at 21 days from seed

The ones on the way out are at day 67 from seed in the morning. One looks like I can take her around day 70-73. The rest look 10-20 days/

Pineapple Runts… This will be the first to be chopped. She is just stacking resin and terps for days right now. The calyx’s already look pretty good but she hasn’t given up yet.

Pineapple Runtz 2… The amount of smell coming off her big nugs is a beautiful thing.

Pineapple Runtz 3… Still my favorite just based on terps…She bring the gas with the fruit.

Strawberry OG Cookies - All the ethos definitely brought the terps.

Haze IBL at day 50… Definitely excited for this plant as she is stacking beauties.

Exciting times @Chasworks … I know you’re feeling pretty stoked as well for harvest.

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The interim in between run before the next full cycle.

Wedding Cakex cldc x double grape at 22 days from seed.

Pinot Noir 22 days from seed. Around this time you want to gently start moving the satellite stems outward. You do not want to do really any defoliation unless absolutely necessary. You will want to utilize persistent and strategic leaf tucking for the next 10 days or so.

You get nice growth underneath instead of tiny branches clinging to the main stem. For an auto flower the first 2-3 weeks is so key if you want the plant to cycle on time. Any stunting of the plant will likely delay you harvest time. Keep those stems pristine from day 1. I have only sprayed the top when this plant was a week old. It has been watered 2 times on the bottom. If you’re growing in EB… I would highly recommend you only water 1/3 gallon at a time until they go to stretch than you can kick it up to 1/2 of a gallon. Once they can cycle that in a day give them a 3/4 gallon… Then once they can drink that in a day start giving them the full gallon.

Pinot Noir 15 days from seed - starting to throw down after taking her time laying down roots. Like I said… Keep those stems pristine and you know the roots are driving down.

Wedding cake cross at 8 days from bean drop.

If you can get them to stretch with the stems looking like that by end of week 4 or beginning of week 5 you will most certainly have a 65-80 seed to harvest run. If you stunt it or have sub par genetics, plan 0n 80-120… Or you’ll have tiny plants (8-12" is common for stunted autos) …You might as well grow photos then.

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@Chasworks these are my lower clips from 3 days ago. Definitely needed another week for that white frost to start dinging up but the tops are definitely a week more mature and showing some ambers… I think Im gonna chop this one on Weds (5 more days).

Pretty dense for lowers. A bit fruity but lots of frost on her. I am smelling some dank finally coming through… So if she starts to stack a little gassy/chem I may let her go a few days longer than 5.


They all Look good and the new choices are :fire: thanks again for walking me threw your grow what you do and why you do it! Its Deeply appreciated. When i went to Chop the plant i had to do by Feeling: i cut stem at the Surface! Once removed there was a Fat Bud just above the Ground! I didn’t realize the light was penetrating that deep! Very terp and fuel smelling. Its been 99* here a few days with humidity reaching 100% over night! My lung room is 67* lights on with exh set to 50% over night 61* exh set to 50% room humidity 37%! So i can’t dry in there! Heat is my enemy far as storage: turns the weed brown almost like the de carb process: working on these issues! De carb my stored buds as the heat burn off the terps taste and flavor! :yin_yang:

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its still snowing here so not a problem with heat yet… 15 degrees last night and snowing today. My battle is almost always aridity.

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Going to try and set large box in the tent to dry 2 more plants while the last 1 is still stacking! Its risky but i need to use the tent as thats the one place i have control! But in the box how do i circulate air? I remember snow when i lived in the N Eastern USA but Summer here year around in Retirement :sunglasses::yin_yang::heavy_check_mark::sunny::palm_tree:

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If the box is big enough just cut a hole near the bottom and intake air through a vent with an in-line fan. Set the fan outside the tent where it is likely cooler and run a vent tube trough the tent and into the box. A big wardrobe box or something similar may do the trick. Then just monitor the fan speed based on rh.

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That gives some ideas, it is a short refrigerator box! My wine cooler came in: i think since the tent will still be active if i Cut 2 or more holes in the lower section the fans and inline fan should move enough air threw the box! :yin_yang:

Unfortunately I had to make a couple changes after the long power outages as I had a few young plants that didn’t do so well so I plucked them and dropped new beans in their places a few days later.

I plucked the strawberry nuggets x livers bx1, toof decay, both fantasmos, and a couple others I started shortly before the outage.

I decided to use one quad to do an experiment but I already screwed it up as I overwatered two already but they are doing ok. I am going to run 4 seeds. Two will have their own EB and two will share an EB. I will do two similar size plants (hopefully). 1st EB will be Grape Walker Kush and the 2nd EB will be SODK. In the 3rd EB I will run one of each. Will see how it goes and what produces better nugs and yield. My feeling is the EB is plenty to handle two autos so don’t think we’ll see much difference.

Grape Walker Kush (Skywalker x Grape Crinkle) and SODK (Sour Orange Diesel Kush)

The new Toof Decays

The Pinot Noir and the Wedding Cake x are coming along.

Pineapple runtz starting to stretch… These can be some big autos as seen from the last run.

The CDLC that made it… She’s a beautiful indica just starting to stretch. The other one looked great and then just took a dump after lights out for 3 days.

The week young Pinot Noir… Both growing like a perfect cross of Double Grape and CDLC (this is my CDLC themed run). Very consistent stretch and size out of them… Really the perfect size for an Auto (20-30") in my opinion. Rub your finger across and she’s super greasy like a double grape. I will definitely pop two more beans in a week or two.

The Wedding Cake x DG X CDLC - The younger of the two. I have run this strain so many times and it is seriously stinky dank. They are small plants (generally 16-30") but generally right around the 18-20". Decent yields for a small plant but that’s not why you’re growing her. Im really interested to see if I can get the flower quality out of the Pinot Noir to match the wedding cake then I will probably run more of those in the future.

I’ll update them in a couple weeks when the first Pinot Noir is close. She’s looking like an easy 65-70 days and done.

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Wow! Sorry for your loses but the line up sounds good: set to following :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::100::sunny::palm_tree:

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Okay finally some picture updates…

Pinot Noir #1 - Day 62 from seed.

Pinot Noir #2 - Day 55 from seed

The Pinot Noirs and Wedding Cake x’s. The outage really impacted the stretch on the wedding cakes. I don’t mind the size but the stretch on the satellites was lacking compared to the bigger pinot noirs… I left you a review of them in another thread… The Pinot Noirs are exactly what I was expecting and perfect crosses of the double grape and creme de la chem… Two of my favorites… Still very aromatic frosty flowers.

Wedding cake flowers day 62

Wedding cake flowers day 55

Pinot Noir #1 nugs - day 62

Pinot Noir #2 nugs - day 55

Left Pineapple Runtz day 47, right Forgot Cookies day 47. The FC is definitely the pheno I wanted and I will spread her out as she finishes stretch as her braches are still too fragile. The PR is 3.5 ft and going to be another nice one… The PRs are just going to produce that extra yield for you.

The SODK at about 21 days from seed. She’s gonna have big satellites.

Grape Walker Kush - 21 days from seed. Looks good - we’ll see how she stretches. She just got a big top water as she seemed a bit dry (roots not quite to the bottom yet) and seemed the foliage was starting to taco a little.

The spots I pulled the stunted ones are still open. But I will be planting seeds this week and keeping the best three. Those will be Sour Stomper and Stilton Express

The last ones from the may seedling that I kept are the Fantasmos (OG Ghost Train #1) and they look great for two weeks.

Fantasmo at two weeks - both look about the same.

Anyways… Probably take the oldest Pinot box in the next two week (hopefully by day 75). Ill update some finishing pics then. Cheers!

@Chasworks … Getting close to the end of the road for this box.

Pinot Noir and Wedding cake at around day 71 from seed. Wedding cake is still hanging on but the flowers are looking close. The Pinot is fading nicely and pretty much all the trichs are cloudy with some amber. One final cold water and about Weds should do it for her.

Definitely some immensely rank smelling flowers. Nice Trichome production but not nearly as frosty as the younger Pinot that is the smelliest in the tent easily.

Pinot Noir top

Wedding cake a little closer up

The younger PN… Top nug on satellite stem

The pineapple Runtz is over 4ft now and stacking nugs everywhere. One stem stretching out like a main stem now with huge branching. Frosty greasy bouquet buds smelling just like the last big one I grew… I think this could be my biggest yielder yet for an auto… She is a big tree…

Pineapple runtz auto - day 55 from seed.

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They are looking like :fire: Looks like you brought the most out of each plant! Amazing Work! :ballot_box_with_check:

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Ok @Chasworks … Finally an update on the spring Auto Flowers. I ended up doing all of them in their own earth box after the last Pineapple Runtz ran out of gas at the end even with a massive top dress with the the other plant in there taking nutrients.

They are all at about 45 days and received big top dresses around day 35 (Since I have no time right now I used the Craft Blend and covered it with some Kashi Blend, worm castings and soil. Watered it in with the Yah-Whey, aloe, root wise complete and wetting agent.

Fantasmo - Six weeks from seed (OG Ghost Train #1). She finished her stretch a little quicker than the others. Just trimmed her as the started into stack (just some inner and lower foliage and some lower nodes). She is a pretty auto and medium sized just shy of 3ft. and looks like she is on the 50/50 side and I missed out on the big stretching sativa.

SODK (NYC SD x Orange kush) - She definitely keeping her Sour D look… And definitely the greasiest and smelliest of this group. I would classify her as a medium to large Autoflower. She has outstanding stretch, branching, spacing, flower to leaf, etc… She definitely checks all the boxes if you’re looking for a sativa auto. Big yielder, wet greasy, and that one and only Sour D stank… Hoping she puts on a hint of the orange kush at the end.

Grape Walker Kush - This plant I have to of… This is the sativa dominant. She started slow but once she it the stretch it was on. Beautiful aromatics and stacking frost from early on. She is closer to the 3 ft range (med to lg auto flower) while the indica Dom topped out at about 30 inches and the satellites stayed tucked to the main so was a lot more work.

Not feeding any more other than I may supplement some vegan based 2-10-5 throughout stacking as I have not tried that yet.

Forgotten Cookies _ this one ahead of the others at about 8 weeks from seed. Hoping she finishes up in the next 10 days. Another greasy wet plant… One of the most delicious in terms of aromatics. Id say im most excited to smoke her right now.

I was a little late on the new seedlings but finally got them going… Two Sour Stomper, One Ghost Toof, and one stilton special… All looking good with the sour stompers looking fantastic at about 10 days.

Anyways… Post some pics in 2-3 weeks as they head into finishing…

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Keep the knowledge flowing it is deeply appreciated! The 1 per EB seems to be the best bet: of course you can run 2 but if you get a nice size plant it could run low at the end: i only packed my tent once or twice so it doesn’t matter that much if i fill the total canopy as long as what i have is good deficient free plants: the 4 clippings i have are taking their sweet time but are transplanted into the EB’s

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