Spots on Leaves

I have some plants I am keeping as bonsai, under lights, never flowering, to take clones from next season.

Several are showing little spots on the leaves:

Any ideas of cause/cure for this?


Assuming no pests?? Spider mites will start showing dots on top of leaves from where they’ve been munching

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Ding ding ding! Looked up spider mites and sure enough, there they were on the bottom of the leaves. Sprayed everyone down with soapy water top and bottom, we’ll see what happens next.



Proceed with caution. This can happen over night… good luck sir. These f ing things have become the vein of my existence!! I’m currently at war myself. If my current attempt fails I’m taking a flame thrower to the whole grow room

Yow! Good luck with that!

They seems to like it as much as us…


They can’t have it!!! MINE! Side note @jkwilborn. Love them Gambels Quail. We have them here in my area. I love watching the fuzzy little babies run around haha

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It looks like the spider mites are gone. I have sprayed soapy water three times and haven’t seen any pests for 5 days.

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