Sour Dragon Breath and Freak O Dank Grow

This grow is seeds from 7 East Genetics. There are 5 Sour Dragon Breath (Green Dragon Male (Hindu Kush x Afghan Kush) x Blueberry Train Wreck) x Sour Diesel 2 Female and 4 Freak O Dank (RD#1 x Freakshow)

I dropped the seeds on Sunday, September 14 @ 9pm into starter pods that I soaked in a ph’d water and kelp solution. I will be doing that again. The seeds may not be germinating quicker, but once they do, I fell the plant and roots are growing much quicker.

The SDB have been put in to solo cups and the FOD were placed in larger pots do to their quick growth




All are around a week to 10 days old and are all growing extremely quick. I had to replant all 4 Freak O Dank deeper because of their stretching.

Sour Dragon Breath is growing very well too and will be getting dropped down deeper this week. I have .7 gallon plastic pots coming tomorrow to move them deeper into.

Sour Dragon Breath:

Freak O Dank:


Looking good, and sounds tasty. Will be interesting to watch

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The Sour Dragon Breath were moved into 3/4 gallon pots last night. They will stay in these until sex is shown. Freak O Danks are still going strong.

Sour Dragon Breath:

Freak O Dank


Thise are looking nice. Very healthy. Am following this one closely, these are on my list of strains to try.

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