Skunk fast version?

Hello everyone I’m new to this forum,I would like to know if anyone has experience with skunk fast version…I am almost 4 weeks in flower and they look fantastic I’m growing in coco and use nothing but nectar for the gods nutrients,what I am wanting to know does this strain have any skunk smell at all to it because at the moment it is mostly sweet and flowery? Did the skunky smell get bred out like most other skunk strains

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Skunk fast version is pretty much just the original Skunk strain with a shorter flowering period.

If you want that super skunky earthy smell using soil with organic nutrients is your best bet. Hydro will work great to grow it but it doesn’t give it the same resin production and terpene profile as growing in organic soil.

Hydro is great for yields for fast version and autoflowers though. The terpine profile is less and it doesn’t smell as good but generally plants in a good hydro set up grow faster and yield slightly more than soil.

So it’s really about if you want higher yields or better tasting and smelling buds. I personally choose the latter.


I’m completely organic using nectar for the gods,its no salts no synthetics and all calcium driven line brings out the best of whatever strains offer. So far the last skunky strain that actually had skunk smell was uk cheese several years ago after that I never found it again with any skunk strains

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@19656 Skunk actually has a 50/50 potential to have that cheese/skunk smell or have an extremely sweet smell. It’s from the lineage skunk was bred from :slight_smile: