Silverback gorilla

This year I got some silverback gorilla clones from my local dispensarie. They are super silver haze crossed with grape ape. I want to grow them again next year but cant find seeds anywhere and am not certain I will be able to get clones again.

I see that this site has both grape ape and super silver haze, but not the silverback. Is it possible it goes by a different name? Or does anyone know a site with this strain?


@RaiderZ28 Hi there! I actually don’t know anyone who carries it however I do know that Silverback Gorilla is just a cross of Grape Ape and Super Silver Haze. So you could snag some seeds of both, pheno hunt out your own and make your own, possible danker Silverback Gorilla!


@RaiderZ28 Great to see you Raider. Welcome to the Site :v:

Thanks, would crossing two strains and pheno hunting be feasible before next outdoor grow season in a small indoor grow tent. I’m going g to have to look into that

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You can get the silverback but home grown doesn’t have them google it you will find them. im growing grape ape from home grown

It isn’t really feasible. You’ll have a much harder time getting the right phenotypes to cross in a small space unless you get really lucky and get two great ones you want in your first batch. Even if you did get lucky with the first cross you still have to work on stabilizing and feminizing the strain which can take a few generations to breed in the right genes for a potent and stable hybrid and it is much harder to breed and stabilize a strain with a small genetic pool to choose from.

Then again, there is that luck factor.

I have questions i seen HCC has power plant seeds are they the same as pure power plant