Should I add nutes or defoliate

My White Widow Auto girls almost 5 weeks old and flowering at different rates. 1 seems to a runt(?) I LST’d them, so they are quite short. I have them planted in Happy Frog 4-4-4 ( price was right) Should I add any nutes during their flowing stages or defoliate them some? They are quite bushy. I’ve been leaf folding fan leaves. How do I upload pictures?

There’s a little icon on the top of the text window to add pics… I would say yes and yes to the other??? But I’m a newbie on my 2nd grow.

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These are my 3 girls. I did end up adding a little Fox Farms Bloom yesterday. They are 5 weeks old today :smiley:

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Thank You for the help!

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Definitely get those fan leaves off them, just take few from each and give them some recover time before taking more I also started getting the lower nodes off before I fipped mine this time. I’m still scared to lollipop them but I’m getting there eventually. Mine are photos not autos though.

Hmm I’d go easy on the leaf picking. They look plenty happy… if you have to pull some shit maybe pinch the small little offshoots around the base and leave the fans if they’re healthy… lol Guess everybody has their own way. But if you pinch the small stems forming low down it will help with airflow and they’re probably just going to be below the canopy and larfy anyway unless you plan on lst ing the shit out of them. Keep posting pics either way!! Fun to see what everybody does differently. Ill see if I can find an example to take a pic of when the girls get up here in an hour

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So the first pic shows the branch that I missed when I pruned a little while back… and the second shows the small below the canopy branch that developed… probably not going to amount for much except stealing energy from the larger branches… its strictly imo… do as you wish…:metal:
Plus if you trim at the right time… you can stick that sucker in some rockwool and maybe couple weeks have a clone… well with photo anyway.

That’s funny you said to prune the smaller suckers in rockwool because I did prune them and put them in water. I’ll update if they do anything. I’ve grown heads of lettuce, cabbage, etc from the grocery stores - I have grown some real mutants. Thanks

I mean mutants grown from stems of organic vegetables from the grocery stores : }