Seedling/clone light

Does anyone know a reasonably priced led light for seedlings/clones? i see alot of cheap lights on amazon/ebay , just dont want to end up with total junk while trying to save some $$$… thanks

@mikes i’d say get a 2 ft dimmable T5 bank. :sunglasses:

I’ve used this little contraption for my last few seedlings and it’s worked pretty well. Multiple setting, red or blue or both, and a timer but I had to by-pass it’s auto OFF settings by rewiring the switch. For 22 bucks it made sense. I’m sure there’s better out there lol. I’d be interested to find out what everybody is using as well.

i have a 4’ x 4 tube t-5 , but it seems to run much hotter than led , so making more heat means its using more power…I would need to check with an amp meter because my t-5 has no label.

You can put a fan on the light., dont need crazy amounts of light during the seedling and striking phases.,I’d say dimmable in whichever source light is chosen…:sunglasses:

i have a few 6500k cfl fixtures for clones, but seedlings stretch terribly under them.

T5, t8 - result in stretch…they are ok but if you are going to spend $$ and do not want to waste it, I recommend you get a light that will work for that and serve as a backup if you need one
the xs1000 is on sale $30 off…makes this 100.00…a great buy at this price
It is dimmable and all samsung led301b bulbs


Wow, that’s a great price for a pretty diverse little light. Thanks for the tip

for that price, it is a steal…and it is the XS model…the newer version

The light you chose $22 was used by @Kimmyann253 …sorry to say hers quit working pretty fast. I like cheap but not wasted
could always ask @DollarBill …he knows how t squeeze blood out of a stone


I got one of those it works fine. Use it in a 3x2 area when initiating true veg mode…

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I have a couple KingLED 1000 but they’re not dimmable so that light would be perfect for my seedling tent.
I bought that 22.00 things just for so I could start seedlings outside of my crowded veg tent. Yesterday I gave that up and ordered a 2 in 1 tent from Vivoson for seedlings and autos.

@Mrb53004 check this a Bit old school but the king did it the whole way with T12 fluoros, low heat and low cost

:point_up: “The KING” not the first to use molasses, but he for sure helped put it on the Map’ “Secret Sauce”

Hell you can use regular light bulbs for seedlings and clones

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