Seasons are a changin

When the winter was here, heater was a necessity.

It’s getting warmer really quickly.

What does everyone use or suggest to use to lower their Temps inside their tents?


Much appreciated!

Happy growing,


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@KriZm I personally use a small portable ac/dehumidifier combo that I got on Amazon for about $300.

Less expensive options are personal evaporative coolers used in tandom with a small dehumidifier. Have the humidifier drain into the evap cooler as well so you don’t have to worry about draining and filling things. Just clean really well once a week and add some ice if needed to chill things some more. Evap coolers increase humidity a lot so using dehumidifiers is pretty much essential if using evap coolers.

Another thing that helps a lot is running lights at night instead of during the day.

Frozen gallon jugs in front of the intake and fans helps a lot too for a really cheap option. Just replace them every day at lights on or just before lights out.

Insulating your grow tent helps too. Even just an extra sheet or tarp will help keep more cool air in and keep the warm/hot out. Just make sure you run your exhaust on the outside of the insulation you use so the heat doesn’t end up getting trapped in the insulated area.

If using fabric pots setting fabric pots inside of buckets or ceramic pots with the bottom 1/3rd filled with pumice, perlite, or clay pebbles will help too. It increases insulation and keeps the root zone cooler through evaporative cooling because your run off stays cool in the bottom and evaporates or wicks up into the fabric pot.

Using appropriate amounts of silica helps too. It increases water retention and heat resistance of the plants.

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I read somewhere that a couple drops of dish soap can help your soil retain water? something about surface tension?

Thank you for all of the glorious tips @MDBuds

I’ll read this a couple times and decide what to attempt, might you share a link to your ac? Is it a standalone which you put inside?

Thank you so much again you incredibly smart man :sunglasses::ok_hand:

Have an amazing weekend coming up everyone!

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