SCROG or Kushman Chiro?

Hey legends, I have these 3 girls who are not to far off from flicking over to flower.

I was going to SCROG are they too late on veg to start SCROG would I be better doing the kushman Chiropractics?


@Thrillhouse use both. Kushman chiropractic will open up the xylem in the hurd allowing more nutrients and water to move to the flowers. Just make sure not to break the bast.

Once you do a few you can shape the canopy and then scrog.

I personally wait until flower flip to scrog myself just so I can keep the net out of my way as i care for the plants until I am ready to flower.

Once I flip to flower I just fill the scrog net as normal and weave branches through for about the first 2 to 3 weeks until I finally start seeing calyxes and pistils.

Once the flowering actually starts and I see the calyxes and pistils I leave it be and let it grow.


@Thrillhouse also don’t forget to cut off everything under the canopy before flipping to flower so all of the resources can be used for buds. Anything under the canopy won’t get enough light to grow properly and will just take nutrients away from the upper canopy where you want them.


Thank you sir! Great advice, What height do
You have your SCROG net above your pot?

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Nice crop. Welcome to the farm.

@Thrillhouse I usually shoot for about 1 foot above the canopy and adjust as needed.

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