Scrog net help please

So I told myself I wasn’t going to train this garden or even defoliate, came home and tied them down after a month and a half from seed. Then in a couple days I figured I better cut the tops to give that hormone survival effect where it beasts up the bottom growth… it’s then a couple days later I decided to scrog net them.

Now I have a headache as I was planning 2 months from seed on veg then flip to flower… now they are looking like this and according to schedule are to be flipped in 4 days.

I’m thinking an extra week or even 2 to really get them healthy and strong again. I’m feeling so discouraged right now . . .

Stuff with my roommate ain’t the greatest between him charging more than half for rent and the fact he’s not paying a dime because Covid, I want out of here asap. But now I decided to do this. I had been watering every other day but the holiday trip I was gone 4 1/2 days so I watered them heavy and raised plus dimmed the lights.

I came back and was disappointed what I seen. Then I realized a day later I should lower my lights and turn them up again!

Now I’m super confused. Just watered them. I guess I just need to wait. They’re looking hella Larfy. I’m assuming 2 extra weeks to heal and get bigger… the right side is indicas and they don’t look close to bing ready with their short profile. I should have been topping from the beginning is how I’m feeling now, bent stem and cut too with scrog net isn’t as consistent.

Here they are (may have to post after this)

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I think they look good! It looks like they’ll fill in. Especially since you’re in veg, you almost cant hurt em.

If you don’t like how much they’re filling in, give em some more time in veg. Remember though, they’ll just about double in size during flower.

Right before you flip them, is when you prune away any nodes that look like they’ll just end up as larf.

Here’s my last grow. First pic is day 0 flower, last is around week 9.5

Point being, you’ve got a ways to “grow”. Part of the training is all about being able to see the future.


That’s a great looking plant! And Yeah I’m afraid so on the training… I’m wishing I stuck to my original plan… I’m just uncertain if this living situations going to work out long enough for me to train them is all…

I am in 3gal pots rn and I have been giving them every two days 2 solo cups of water. I believe I may be under watering them but I don’t want water sitting for longer than 2 days as ph levels rise.

Today I gave them 5 solo cups of water and I am going to see how they look tomorrow. I may up their water to 5 or even more and…. Considering going from 19/5 to 24 hours so they can grow faster.

I guess I’m going to need to transplant them into bigger containers? So considering sizes from the 3 gal was thinking if I can get away with good flower in a 5gal tryina stay away from 10 gal.

I have 8 plants in 4x8 and I was able to get them all soil from two 15 or 12 gal soil and I have one left so I was hoping 5 would work. I don’t drive so it’s hard to get soil and I can’t have it delivered to where I stay at.

Also was getting stressed looking into lights wondering if I even hav enough light power or if turning it down and raising them for the 4 days just played a significant role in them not looking how I was expecting or wanting. I definitely need to just chill and give them time, look at each branch as a plant in itself. Kicking myself for not topping.

I’ve got 5 sprouts in tent that I was going to move into a 4x4 tent when I flower them and need to get a light for that. Didn’t want to spend more than like 120 but now I’m questioning myself if I should just get the marshydro 2000w again then add to the 4x8 when I flower them so there’s two of those and then the purple 2000w purple China lights. (Already planning to stay longer I guess hahahaah)

Umm, there’s a lot to unpack here! Lol. Excuse me for a moment while I enjoy a toke and contemplate - you should join me. :grin: Also, I mean this advise as strictly about the plant and not your life situation, but take it how you will.

Change one thing at a time. Otherwise, it’s hard to know for sure what worked and what didn’t.

Watering - get a feel for the weight of your pots. Water is much heavier than the soil+plant and it won’t take long before you’ll be able to tell exactly where they’re at. Of course that’s harder to do in a scrog, maybe just use one of the ones in the front as a yardstick for the rest.

Transplanting- I do prefer to transplant prior to flower and the rule of thumb is to double the size of the pot. If you’re using synthetic nutes that probably won’t be as important.

Light- I like it, a lot. If you reduce the amount they get, it will definitely slow them down. I don’t think I’d go to 24 though, I’ve heard that can make it take longer for them to switch gears into flower.

Garden Schedule- if you already have plants vegging for the next run, they will be absolutely massive by the time you’re done flowering these ones. I get about 2 of those in a 5x5. You will definitely want another tent.

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Yoo much love man, coffee had me ranting for sure.

Yeah roommate situations up and down, he thinkings cuz I’m trying to grow in rich. Haha :joy: yeah……

I am organic super soil and topping with dry nutrients and just got my super charge in today!

I think things will be fine as I told him i changed my method and will need more time.

Found 7gal fabric pots think those will be good

Yeah if I went to plan the seedlings would have entered the 4x4 for the 4x8 flower then after they finish flower I’d put into the 4x8.

Probably gonna run those none messed with just been curious to do it, with defoliating of but no net or topping.

Cheers brotha!