Same seed strains, different looking plants

I’m wondering why the same seeds produce such different looking plants. Two Durban, one is tall and thin and the other short and wide. Three Sour Diesels, all quite different. All outside grows. Why is that? I assumed the same strain would look very similar.


Hey David! So here you’re seeing perfect examples of that Phenotypes genetic traits from its parents. So most Hybrids tend to lean indica or sativa in most cases however when you have a fairly 50/50 or 60/40 cross you tend to see one of those genes become more dominant as you grow out multiple girls. For instance I had two blueberry Auto and one showed more indica heavy leaves while the other had skinnier leaves, however the true test is to see whether or not the smoke comes out to be the same type of high! Obviously curing and or over maturing trichomes can vary smokes but if you relatively keep the same type of high or medicinal feelings you’re just seeing the different genetic traits coming through as dominant or recessive :grin: I hope this helped some! - Kronic


Thanks for the explanation! It will be good no matter what they are, I just assumed strains look similar.


No problem! Yea cannabis plants are pretty wild! I can’t wait to see your plants when they’re done! Be sure to post photos and let us see :smiley: - Kronic


![IMG_0821 (1)|666x500]
It was not the best year in the Northwest for budding. Between the almost two weeks of heavy smoke, then major storms, not many days of sun, we had to harvest sooner than we would have liked. Some mold problems were creeping up so we trimmed and took them down. But still not a total bust, just not as good as expected.


Despite the environmental challenges you faced this season, they still look nice.

That’s a great photo. Is that Mt Hood,@GetBent ?

Man that’s a hella photograph. I’d print, frame and hang that.


It’s Mt. Rainier in Washington State


Ah… Mt Rainier

Beautiful picture! :+1::v:

Great view from your grow!


@GetBent I swear I would spend all my time in that exact spot! Beautiful plant and a beautiful view!!

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@2Grow4Love one of those nice wide hammock/bed/swings and a mini fridge next to it, a small fire for roasting marshmallows. Leave me alone for eternity bitches…

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@Rye you said it perfectly bro! Thats all i need :grin: