Rule of thumb for Uvb or uva

Looking for when the best time during the flower period to use the uv supplement,
Hrs per day how many days an when to start using it like week 8 in a 9 week.
I’m used to using a hps an mh, any help would be much appreciated


Read this
It will explain the myths and truth of uv. Run them 2-4 hrs a day


@Osogreen my personal preference is to use small amounts of UVB through the entire grow. 1 hour a day through early veg. 2 hours a day from late veg through flower. Sometimes if I want to get a plant really purple I’ll do 4 hours UVB daily during flower with cold shocking. It dramatically increases potency but it can decrease yield if used too much so you have to find your balance for personal preference.


Thanks Growers
I’m used to hps an then last 7 days blue light 600 wat first 2 days then 400 for 2 days then way low last day before darkness.
This Led thing is nee to me but I really am enjoying the scorpion diablos


Why oh why did I have to find this thread?? How do I utilize this? Get a blurple light?

no, burple is not UVA, UVB. Go to amazon and look up UVA & UVB bulbs. You only run the a couple hrs a day but they really kick up the terps and that is where the flavor, potency and effects really matter…more than the THC / CBD


You know, I just love aggravating you. :grin::herb::v:

Just hang them down?

@kmac03 they have expensive UVB supplement lights from a lot of manufacturers but I just got two inexpensive 2’ 24 watt t5 fixtures and a two pack of the 2’ aggromax pure uv t5 bulbs and put them on a timer.


Just bookmarked this. Now I wait for the boatload of cash for my list that keeps growing. Sigh.

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Awsome info an networking.
Love Kyle
He is the real Deal
Keep it growing everyone.

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I forgot to say, thank you!

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@kmac03 you’re welcome. No thanks necessary.

I bought my bulbs through Walmart, they were cheaper - they have bulbs and fixture for $9 chose 75w