ROI-E680 LED lights

I have recently changed my flower room lighting to ROI-E680 LED lights. I have increased calcium and magnesium for the plants and have raised the temperature in the room to 80F. I am using Super Soil and the full Vegamatrix line of nutrients. Are there other things I should be doing? Or are there changes I need to make to my feeding schedule for maximum results?


That is a killer light. You did not state the size of the environment. With that much wattage, watch for HEAT, LIGHT BURN (you can have too much light) but since we do not know the environment here, it would be hard to say to do anything other than watch for these 2 major concerns. If you have plants already exposed to a previous light, gently introduce (control power so plants do not go from 10 to 100 instantly) the light to your plants. If your temps go higher, you may need to consider CO2 suppliments