Rip Offs in the weed world

Has anyone heard of Big Island Genetics?
Professor Potgrower he calls himself.
He took me for $205 and never sent the seed packages. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS WEBSITE.


Whoa now before we start slandering businesses. How long ago was this, have you been in contact with them? I have dealt with overseas many times in many country’s even just sending veggie seeds back and forth. It may take month’s to get stuff sometimes depending on where it is from.


There have been PLENTY complaints on this company, and another that appears tied to it. Just google the reviews. We have to investigate a company / individual before we do business with them. We live in a time where all that data is at our fingertips. Shame on us if we do not.
I joined this forum before I bought seeds. It was easy to tell the quality of a vendor by its members, their remarks and loyalty to the site


@Harmonica22 I’m sorry to hear your misfortunes, we try not to slander businesses here on our forum as we try to employ a very positive atmosphere. With that said, maybe tell us your entire experience and share it, let people choose whether or not to support, but I can’t allow anymore comments actively trying to shut down another company. So please avoid that, we try to keep a very welcoming community and as you may have had a bad experience, everyone may not share that same viewpoint. So give us some details on your experience, how long ago you ordered, and if he’s contacted you or if you’ve tried to contact him about your order. Much love.

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