Red Jack autoflower

She’s dark purple/black rather than red this far, likely due to colder temps. Still a cool looking plant imo. That’s the only reason for this post. Feel free to show your purple chicks.



Damn that beautiful. Just gorgeous.


@Captspalding HOLY COW! THAT COLOR O.O

Oh yeah baby, color. All the color. GDP Photo - comin roun the mountain


I’m in love!!!

Also, it’s been making me crazy. What is GDP stand for? My head is already full of initialisms.

GRAN DADDY PURPLE is what the acronym stands for. The branches get a little color in them but most of the color is reserved for the leaves and buds. The undersides of the leaves get more color than the tops. This is accentuated by shocking the plant (cold nights / cold water bath)

How absolutely stunning this plant is. Do the branches and everything turn purple or just the foliage?

Mike, hell yeah. She’s pretty. I am growing some GDP as well. It’s actually my all time favorite strain. It’s like the perfect complete high imo.