Recommendation For Southern California outdoor grower

I am looking for a recommendation. I grow outdoors in Southern California. I grow for myself. I am not a beginner but I am not a pro. Yield is not that important to me. I am looking for VERY flavorful strains both sweet and savory with decent THC content.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


Strawberry cough, any haze strains, any kush or diesel strains, and your northern lights and skywalker og’s will have nice resilience to outdoor conditions and have a variety of the flavors you’re seeking with quality yield.


I live in SoCal but out in the desert. I just grew some GSC x Blue Headband and all I have to say is :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::100:. They did superb​:point_up::raised_hands::fire::fire::fire:


Super glue loves the outdoors

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Curious and impressed on how/why you have such thick stems on such small plants. Mine wren’t nearly that thick at that size. Is that simply indica dominant attributes, specific to this strain, or did you do something to achieve that.

Last year I grew GSC X Jack Herer and they shot up to 7-8 feet before thickening out and all but the main branches were lanky. I lost a good section of my largest plant to wind from having weak lanky branches on a tall plant