Really early bloomer

So I am on my 2nd grow and it is 37 days in and my auto flower decided she wanted to bloom. I am growing the Slack Attack plus the Jack H auto flower.

It is now day 50 and everything is good. I am still on the 18/6 cycle even with the blooming auto flower.

Can I continue to keep the auto flower with the rest of the 18/6 ers or do I need to put her on her own at 12/12?




@Raydray welcome to the forum. You can keep autos on 18/6 or 20/4 lighting schedule the whole grow.

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Awesome. Thank you so much


Personally I do 24 hours on and amend CO2 as autos don’t enter REM for about 1 1/2 hours and only produce roughly 300 to 600 ppm of co2 during that time which most TNB Naturals canister will fill a 4x8 foot grow space with 1100 to 1200 ppm worth of co2. So much more efficient and you get faster yield times from seed to harvest.

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Okay, you made a statement, now…what do you use to amend your CO2?

18/6 is perfectly fine. 20/4 would be optimal for an auto

@Mrb53004 sounds like he was saying use a TNB Naturals canister to amend (supplement) co2.

It’s official, I can’t see s__t anymore. I have a nickname for my wife…Finder Girl, becasue I can’t see, I can’t find

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@Mrb53004 Lol the other day i thought a peice of equipment between 6 flowering plants was a seedling that was being discussed. Old eyes see alike.