Quick Help Question

In Short: DWC Hydro.

Had to do a complete flush due to Nutrient Burn. Reset everything to 1000+ PPM @ 6.0’ish PH.

It’s exactly a week later and the PH is great, but the PPMs on some of my plants remain high.

Also, into Week 3 of Flower Stage.

****** Should I leave them alone and just add water as needed*** and just maintain a good PH*****


Should I immediately flush again and reset

MY GUT Says # 1

But I really don’t know at this point.

Help Please :worried: :slightly_smiling_face:


@MTSayers When I had this issue I just gave them a fresh res after 48 hours for about a week until PPM was 900 or lowering past. From there I just allowed them to flush to about 500 then gave them a feeding right around 550 ish to 650 to bump them to 800 to 900ppm again and more stable around that 1000 range. This way you let them work through the nutrients they have stored, you don’t create any immobile lockouts, and you can give them a nice fresh feeding which they’ll consume pretty quick!