Questions For Kronic: Get Help with Your Grows!

So I guess I’ll be posting more since people don’t think I’m here watching your comments haha

Ask me some questions if you’re having issues and I’ll monitor this thread and a few threads a week for help.

I’ll make a new thread once a month to update it and keep it fresh.

You’re welcome to ask me questions about anything I do for Homegrown, my own educational content, or my background in cannabis.

Working on a Terpene Potcast for you all tomorrow to listen to on how to preserve your Terpenes after harvest the best ways :slight_smile:

Drop a comment if you have a preferred way, I personally like Live Rosin and cured in JarTech style creating some diamonds :wink:

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Hey I wasn’t trying to bust your balls. I’m sorry if I came across as a ball buster. I’m usually very personable. All I meant was, the top 10 or 15 most frequent posters. I could write a paragraph about each one of them and tell you about them. I Can tell you where they live, what they grow, their favorite strain, they grow in soil or Coco, and probably their average age. I literally know nothing about you except that you’re the boss. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Like I said sorry if I came across as a ball buster. I’m just a middle-age outdoor grower whom has been growing dank since before it was cool. But I always feel I have more to learn by sharing knowledge with a grow family I feel safe with. There is nothing worse than telling your smoke buddies about your new strain and they all stare at you with a blank face and say “so when do we smoke”?. It’s on here where I get to talk about the plant in a way that people understand and appreciate it the same way I do. I think of most of the people here as like a grow family. Sorry I got on your case so much about currdog. It’s your baby and I get it. I just kind of felt like he was family and I felt like you always defend Family. Like I said looking forward to getting to know you better.


@Noddykitty I really appreciate this comment and there’s never any hard feelings, even with Currdogg. I generally take all of this with a grain of salt and understand misunderstandings happen and online you just wanna defend your buddies because we only have words online, nothing else. So there’s never any hard feelings. I left the original thread up so people can see that adding to a thread that an admin is dealing with isn’t helpful. Just let admins do their thing and never argue for someone else.

Currdogg is a cool guy and his silence ends fairly soon, I’m even happy to have him back on here. But that’s for him to move past the situation he felt entitled to be angry over.

All in all, it’s in the past and I just want everyone to have a good time on this forum. I’m very happy to get to know you guys and let you into my wildly sporadic life of animals, tattoos, Cannabis, and YouTubing haha

So definitely don’t hesitate to ask me anything and I definitely don’t know it all but i know enough to help guide you to the right source :smiley:

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I learned something new about you all ready. I have always wanted to get a tattoo of my favorite fresh water fish: the wild discus.

Unfortunately I have jumped out of the chair multiple times as the needle fires up. I do aquariums at a couple tattoo parlors here around Seattle. Plan to get one before I am too old to go around shirtless. I turn 45 this fall… I know I am not getting any younger.

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@Noddykitty oh that would be a beautiful piece!

It’s definitely a touchy process but tbh it’s no worse than a cat scratch on sunburn at most. Especially if you’re choosing a very easy spot, sometimes it really doesn’t even feel like pain, it just feels like annoyance on the skin. Personally for me, healing a tattoo is more annoying than the process of getting it done.

If you are gonna go through with your piece I always recommend using a derm shield to heal your tattoo like Recovery brand.

@Noddykitty I know how you feel! My wife rolls her eyes when she sees me on the forum, or when I tell her I got styrofoam for my tent floor, or anything to do with my hobby!

Me: just turned 58, 3 more weeks of work then I burn my 5 months of sick leave, then retire in August! Started smoking May 4, 1979, grew for a few years back late 80’s early 90’s, back into it now it’s legal. Canadian, so polite and well-worded! Altho I possess a dark humour streak that may offend (ok, it blatantly does!) many people…love shock humour!

Living and learning and enjoying weed!


you guys are just babies! Dang, I am going to be the illustrious 69 and have been doing this since the late 60’s. Times changed, weed has definitely gotten better but we did have some really good landrace stuff in the days. There was mexican (just cheap garbage weed with tons of seeds), Acapulco Gold, Panama Red and then Rainbow (was just a mix of one of the others with the Mexican to increase the price - we would get kilos for $80 bucks, mix in a lb of red or gold and sell as rainbow, a good way ti increase ROI). Then came thai stick and thee was good hash and hash oil (blond Lebanese, blond oil). A few strains eventually worked their way in. We had plenty DRUGS! I remember doing LSD before it was even illegal (Purple haze, Orange osley, white lightning), ups, downs, etc. I did not know what weed was until I was almost 16


Man I wish I could get some good old school bud for $80 now hahahaha I will say @Mrb53004 haven’t done LSD but I’ve done DMT and that was quite the experience.

I love listening to Rogans podcast on DMT and various drugs, especially the Josh Hamilton ones

The Baseball player Josh Hamilton?

LOL nope I meant Hamilton Morris LOL I guess Josh Hamilton just popped into my head from sports highlights I was watching this week haha

to much of the tele Derek…
Funny thing, LSD was the first drug ever did. It was when Leary first invented it. As years went on, basement chemist made it dirty and with that - BAD TRIPS (blotter, lsd25, sugar cubes, etc). It took only 1 bad trip to swear off the stuff but I must say, a very mind blowing experience. A lifetime later and I can still recall.
As I can $80 keys…packed (compressed) in construction paper that exploded when you cut it open. You could smoke an oz just to get a buzz. When Thai stick came along, the world of bud changed

Mushrooms blew my mind. I figure a man should know his limits. I Never went down the rabbit hole.
I did grow some fine cubenses in mason jars and brown rice. Bet you could eat just one.