Question about soil mix

Hey guys just wanted to get some input on yalls thoughts, I’ve come up with a soil mixture for my next run (which will be a bit later down the road) but it is as follows……

1 cu. ft - promix
12 qt- fox farm ocean forest
12 qt- fox farm happy frog
8 qt- coast of Maine (purple bag)
Added perlite

This mix will be “cooking” for atleast another 2 months before use. But I’m hoping to not have to add any bottled nutrients to my girls at all or very little. Currently I’m running a roughly 40/60 mix of ffof- promix and everything looks good but I’m already seeing needs after roughly 30 days in. Kinda thought about buying a bag of myco to add into this new mixture I’m gonna work with but do ya think it would be beneficial or a waste of time?

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So, if you’re staying in the same pot for several months, fertilizer will be needed at some point, no matter what your soil blend is. Bottles are not the only option though if you’re in a “living soil” - you can feed with the organic dry blends like a 4-4-4 or 4-8-4 if you stick to their feeding schedule.

Yes on the myco especially if you’re heading in the living soil direction.

My reaction to your plan was that it sounds complicated and I’m not sure if you’ll see the benefit you’re hoping to get. I make my own blend as well and I wrote about it - I get wordy but the recipe is very simple.

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Thanks for the input. And yeah I kinda figured I’d have to add something, I just really wanna stay far away from having to add nutes from start to finish. I’m strictly an autoflower guy and keeping it simple without much input from myself sounds most appealing to me. I’m currently working on my first grow in about 10 years so getting back into the swing of things has been a little messy haha. I started out with 2 critical purple autos from hgcc in just promix and man they’ve been a headache this entire time. I’m no dr green thumb by any means and I’ve made a lot of mistakes with em having to guess what they need food wise. I added 3 new girls a few weeks back going the diff route, 2 gal pots with the 40/60 ffof/pro mix and I’m already happier that I did. 1 of the girls is at day 32 and is now throwing pistils like crazy, all I’ve done to her this far is add a little cal/mag a few days ago. I do expect to have to add bloom nutes next watering though. Overall with this new mixture that I listed above I’m hoping to atleast be able to stretch the just water feeding to roughly 2 months in hoping by that time they’re into flowering decently. If I can cut my input down to just the last 2-4 weeks of their life cycle I’d be thrilled. I seem to have better luck helping them bulk on better than I do anything before that point :sweat_smile:

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That’s everyone’s dream is to make a free feed soil if you top fim or any cutting on plants they need food I’ve been working on all organic


You shouldn’t add anything be all organic everything ur using is full of nutes good.stuff ur using all top line soil mix’s awesome