Question about light

Hello I am just starting out in either a 3x3 or 39x39 tent. I have a spider farmer se5000 coming. Would that be too much for one of those tents? Am I better off with an se 3000? Thanks

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An old hippie once told me “too much is always enough”. I usually apply this maxim to all of my tool purchases. The pain you feel paying for the good one is a one time thing - while the pain you feel every time you have to use the crappy one just goes on and on.

I’d recommend just getting a light meter. If you find it’s too much light, you can dim it down. LEDs run more efficiently in terms of electricity when they’re running at reduced power. And they have a longer lifetime as well.

I vote keep it. See how you like it in there, maybe down the road you’ll get another tent and light that are a better fit for each and then swap them.


I agree with @CurrDogg420 that alot of light for that small of space you have to put heat in the mix

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Getting started for your first grow can be daunting. I would try the 5000 if it will physically fit in the tent. There is probably a dimmer on it. If not, then there are charts available on line to guide you how far to raise them for the different phases of the grow. Good Luck and what cultivars are you going to grow?

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@Darodguy @CurrDogg420 @Daddy1971 i’m a good cheap subject to my wife. She spends most our money LoL and i have to ask for some :v::laughing: it’s exspensive to deer and antelope hunt and i don’t want to have to beg for that

You sound like me and my wife @DollarBill i have to ask for money myself

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