Pull these or let them go

Ok here’s my second attempt at growing. I’m about 16 days from the recommended 75 days for blue Dream.


She is almost there! What color are the tricomes? If you have around 10% amber i would say pull her. Me personally i would ride it out as close to the recommended date as possible. She looks great! Job well done! Happy Growing


Looks ready to me. All the fans have given up their life to the flowers. If you wait too long, you will have couch lock, unless you like or want that. We cannot really see up close but the overall appearance looks like “Ready to Go”. Mostly I see sugar leaves but the fan leaves all appear to be at a point where the plant is usually ready, maybe even a little late. Hard look at the trichomes but says to me, ready to dry and cure


It just worries me the leaves showed deficiencies than within a week or so defoliation was almost complete naturally. I just hope it’s not something bad and just they are ready.


OH YEAH BABY, these are PERFECTION!!! Yankum and hangum. By the way, great pic. What did you use to get these trike pics? This is an encyclopedia pic - “When should you crop”


Yes indeed. Its time!!


thanks for the info. I will pull when i get home from work tonight. think i may try to put them in darkness for 24-48 hours before cutting see how that goes.

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here is the microscope i have its pretty nice for a cheap scope. i highly recommend it


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You should be good to go in about 7-10 days

those babies look ready :heart_eyes:

Yep, I agree…now, not next week unless you want a sleeper. This is the perfect % of amber trikes to crop in order to attain highest quality of your herb. Earlier gives an up head, later gives a sleep couch lock head and now is the mix between the 2 and all those terps are at their peak. Trim, dry, trim, cure…get in there spud

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You are full of wonderful information @Mrb53004, thank you. I had no idea that the colors made a difference and percentage before harvesting. That’s really how you get the couch locked feel is by waiting until they are mostly amber, crazy.

When clear an milky it is THC when amber it’s changes to CBG i believe.

Amber has more CBN.

CBG is like the mommy/daddy cannabinoid that creates thc and cbd.

It’s why fully mature plants have little to no CBG.

If you want CBG you have to harvest long before maturity before the CBG starts converting into THC and CBD.


Yes sorry i was at work and couldn’t remember looked it up when i got home. The longer they sit the more CBD is made thus the sedative effect


It looks great, that strain made me freakout! A friend brought a bag from California i thought it was indica and am allergic to sativa, on my 3rd puff it hit me and knew i was in big trouble, rapid heartbeat. Extreme paranoia, panic attack & and a feeling of impending doom, i knew what happened and would not die but was in for 3 hours of hell that feel like 30, fortunately my friend had an antidote i never heard of, he gave me a few peppercorns and told me to chew them and to smell the rest in the container, i had never heard of this but it worked and brought me down in half an hour, allot of people are allergic to sativa smoke once had a bad experience and then hate weed, that is why i only grow indica or mostly indica dom hybrids and am completely fine.


That’s crazy I’ve never heard of anyone allergic to cannibas dangerous as hell

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That’s funny kind of but not really. Rasta Jeff talks about safety and knows a girl who would just rub up against Blue Dream and break out in hives while trimming. Allergic to Blue Dream but not much else. Hmmm??


You got a steady hand. Great pic. Happy growing


steady hand my dying ass LOL!

you must be in a room with no fans and the microscope on a solid surface. I sometimes bring in a chair etc to set the scope on.

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