Problems with my indoor plants

Guys, please help me fix whatever is wrong in my setup? I am using BioBizz Grow every couple of days, my soil is 50/50 perlit/turf, temps are around 27c / 30c

The seeds are LA Confidential found in a bag of flowers i got.

I am in a country where i cannot buy seeds so i really want to make these work.

I appreciate any help

Looks like a nitrogen deficiency from referencing online.

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I was looking up the bio-bizz grow. I don’t think it has what you need for veg stage. It says it’s mostly beet extract or molasses.

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Here’s a guide that might help.

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Thanks, i will take a look.

I thought nutrient deficiency would manifest differently, some leaves are actually dying / drying up.

BTW, it is too early to try and sex them, right?

This might help…

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Sweet! I only have space to take good care of one plant, so i used 4 seeds in hopes one will be a female. As soon as i can sex a female i will ditch the other 3 and move her to a bigger pot.

Thanks for the link!

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