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Hello i have a few plants that im having trouble with. I accually have had this same issue for a couple grows now. I started seedlings under a t/5 and everything looks ok amd moved them to a 480 watt rugged grade led from led light expert. Im using vegamatrix nutrients. I am only using grow, bloom, and boost for this grow. I also have the vegamatrix soil innoculat hyper. When i started using the 480 watt light during veg i only had the light on about half power and about three ft higher then the tops of the plants. I am using well water straight from the well the ppm is around 200. So when i was done adding what i used for grow boost and bloom is was around 500 or so. I also have been spraying the vegamatrix foliar feeding hard and quick i think its called. Only a very small amount maybe 3 ml for a half a gallon spaying every two weeks. I dont know if i have a nutrient burn or light burn. After i started flowering i started using a 650 watt led with two bars out like a dim so it was about 480 watts for a week and then i added the other two that light is three ft above the plants maybe 3.5 ft. I have these pictures and i also have a ph stick and the soil is right around 6.7 to 6.5 i have these pictures here are about two and a half weeks of flowering,anyone can help.

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@Jasonsenter79 what substrate are you using (soil or coco)? What is the brand and model of your light? I can’t do much with just wattage so I need to be able to look at the spectrum and ppf/ppfd/par ratings for the light.

I also need to know your day and night temperatures as well as the day and night or average rh/humidity.

It doesn’t look like light burn at all because it’s on the lower foliage and not the top foliage. This leads me to believe it is a mobile nutrient issue. It appears to be nitrogen at first glance but i still need more information. With pH in range it leads me to believe that you either aren’t giving it enough light or your vpd is off because temperature, rh, and lighting aren’t adjusted properly.

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Ok I will get that info tonight im at work right now

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I agree with MDbuds that is not light burn. My first impression was nitrogen deficiency too, but look at how pretty and deep green those leaves are. That makes me think maybe a potassium deficiency or lock out instead? Did the past plants leaves that looked the worst at yellowing yellow evenly and then dry up? Or did they get crispy brown or dry spots unevenly before they died and seemed moist still in the middle? The first would lean towards nitrogen, the latter would lean towards potassium. I found some images to detail the difference.
See how the second image has crispy brown spots throughout the length of the dying leaf.

Does the well water smell at all like sulphur, or taste faintly salty? Is it the household water or only for the yard? I know you said it is just 200ppm, but if that 200ppm was from Na Cl (salt) or S sulphur excess (common in wells, it’s not bicarbonates making 200ppm or else ph would be high) that could be enough to offset the potassium by saturating it with Na Cl in solution or with S?

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@Noddykitty I thought potassium too for a bit but there’s no twisted growth on the new growth and the leaves and stems still appear to be strong and healthy. If it is potassium deficiency it’s early stage and caught just in time to avoid issues in flower.

If he’s using coco it’s definitely probably potassium for sure. Coco needs extra potassium and calmag compared to a neutral soil substrate.

Ok im using pro mixand some peat moss and i also mixed a little extra perlite and vermiculite into it.
The first light i used for veg is called rugged grade vela series. PFF Value: 1248 umol/s
PPFD [PAR]: 392 (H30cm)
Power Consumption:480 Watts BETTER DESIGN - Actual 480 watt LED Grow
Lights (not equivalent like others) is powered
by Samsung 2835 Full Spectrum LEDs with
140 lumens per watt that drive a wide
spectrum from 380nm to 800nm and produce
57,600 Lumens. This veg light is 4k
The second light witch im using now for flower is a 650 watt su-light
PPF1780 μmol·JEfficacy2.8 μmol·J this light is 3500k its about 4 /4 i think 8 bars
Its hard for me to keep high tempatures so right now the temps are about 72 at top of canopy and about 60 with the lights off i have a space heater but am afraid to leave it running full time.humidity is about 25. The well water doesnt go thru the softener its only for the yard.

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Sorry it took me so long i didnt feel well last night. I havent really smelled the water but i also so a little bit of purple on one leave around the tip. Like a dark hue.i just ordered more bloom and big and sticky and some prime zyme.i have been not using much bloom cause i was running low but it will be in soon. That second plant picture that happened to me with a plant too before what is wrong with that second picture im still learning how to use this site here:) thanks for the replies!!

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@Jasonsenter79 it appears your vpd is off. Need to increase that humidity during lights on with your lighting and temp. Low humidity is causing them to drink more water and use up the nutrients too fast causing some burning. All of your other parameters appear to be in line.

I’d personally bring humidity up to between 55-65%. That’s the sweet spot for late veg and early flower for most cultivars. It should help you water and feed less as well. Mid flower drop to 45-55%. Late flower you’re good 35-45% rh.

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Ok im in a basement and the humidity really dries out fast what do you recomend maybe i should buy a big tent or a big humidifyer my room is about
12/12 the winter time the humidity is hard to keep up.

@Jasonsenter79 you’re fine in the room. No tent needed. Tent intakes from the room and exhausts into it anyway. As long as your room doesn’t have any light leaks you’ll be just fine without a tent.

A room that size you can get away with a small humidifier. No need for a huge one as long as you have the time to fill it up with water every day. A 2/3gallon one at my estimate would only need to be refilled every few days.

Even just using what’s called the wicking method will work since it isn’t a huge space. Set a few large bowls of water out by the fans and drape a towel over a rod or line with the bottom of the towel sitting in the bowl wicking water up with the fans blowing on/around them and it will raise humidity in the room.

Just remember the rule lights off fans off so you don’t get humidity too high during lights out.

Do you think i should collect rainwater instead of the well? Also the leaves did twist a bit and no the didnt evenly turn yellow. To the other questions.

@Jasonsenter79 as long as your well water isn’t contaminated you’re fine using it.

You can use rain water in your area too if it’s legal. It isn’t legal here where I live because of watershed conservation laws and state ordinances.

Just make sure you check pH and don’t use the rain water from the first rain or if you’re in an area with lots of smog or fires because it will be full of hydrocarbons.

Ok i used to buy distilled water before but i figured it would be ok from the well, the twisted leaves i had on a branch on the bottom of the plant i just cut it off. Lol like i said im still beginning.

@Jasonsenter79 if you had twisted growth with the vpd issue too it sounds like you also have a slight potassium deficiency which is common in coco if you don’t charge it before growing in it.

You can add a bit of the flower nutrient in your veg feed to increase potassium and phosphorus too. Should bring you back on track along with increasing humidity.

You’re doing great though. The plants look good. You got this man.

Ok sounds good ya i did the whole super soil thing and had every bit of the vegamatrix and the hy kreation soul and essence. I was using cmh bulbs and i accually fried a couple plants, i was testing the soil and ppm and everything seemed ok but i think they dried out to much one time and they got burned. Now for a plant about three ft tall and a foot and a half around what size grow bag do you recommend? Im using 3 gallon and during harvest it didnt look to big of a root ball. But im having to water every third day or so. Im thinking maybe i should replant again before flower into a five gallon pot? Do you recommend air pots or are the grow bags ok? And thank you very much for your time!! And info.

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Sometimes when you run a high ppm and they dry out, the nutrients will burn the plant. Classic crispy tips. Ha, we have all done it for sure. The ppm goes up as the water evaporates. It’s counter intuitive but it concentrates the nutrients in solution at the roots.

@MDBuds Wow, it astounds me that you can grow weed, but don’t you dare use rainwater! They only want you to use metered tap water that they can charge you for it!

We have similar stupid laws up here…some of our rivers are tributaries to the Columbia River system, and farmers along the river are forced to drill wells rather than throw a line in the river. Same water, but they have to spend thousands to drill a well.

Glad the air is still free, for now!

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I figure even if we run out of free air, here in the PNW we will always get rain. If the snow pack melts they will just have to build some beautiful mountain reservoir lakes.

Bring back Sumas Lake?!?!

Yeah, we’re making a big lake up here on the Peace River, called the Site C dam! Flooding lots of pristine valleys, lots of folks opposed to that but they are pushing ahead anyways.

@spudgunner most water here isn’t metered. It varies city by city though. It makes sense why we can’t use rainwater here though because our watersheds and groundwater are depleting fairly quickly because of the population and all of the new construction using what was once previously watershed areas and swamp land that we got a lot of our groundwater from.

Also, we send a fair amount of it to LA too.