Pre made Nutrients

When I grew Hydro, we would mix our nutes in 55 gal containers. I was feeding 2/3 times a day and feeding a little over 50 plants. We mixed up enough nutrients for about a 4 day supply and always had a backup nutrient batch and clean RO for flushing. Now I just maintain a small personal grow, soil and water retaining medium. Do you mix and feed as needed or do you mix and store for future use. If you store, how long do / can you store for before they start to degrade. I would always check ph and ppm before feeding.

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I personally mix and feed when needed, but most nutrients you can mix and need to use withing 24 to 48 hours. Some nutrients can last longer after being mixed, but it really all depends on the brand and the style of container you keep your mix in.


@Mrb53004 I make compost teas personally so mine brew for 24 hours minimum and they can be good for about 1-2 weeks max. I usually feed off a compost tea within 4 days of making it :slight_smile: