Pond muck usable?

I have deep black outdoor pond muck in a one acre outdoor pond. I assume the muck is veg decay. N.E. area.

Can this pond muck be used for grow nutrient ?
I can scoop out wet black muck but not sure how to use it.
I just thought maybe it could be useful to grow with.
Thanks for your thoughts.

I would experiment. It could be a super composted soil but it could also be a source of fungus, mode and mildew.

Maybe grow other plants, i.e. marigolds and see how they survive. If you have seeds to spare, give it a try. I would just keep this grow separate from any others until you know. They key is to experiment and record your findings. Keep us posted.

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Thanks, good advice.
I also just found that the advice to keep humidity dome over plant till larger growth starts is a must and impressive results.
using two house size humidifiers I haven’t been able to get my room humidity up over 30, so humidity dome over plant is a must.
Start up seed still difficult steep learning curve. Getting a little better each try.

@afid this pond muck as you called it will be anaerobic. I’d try to make an ACT with it first before I’d think about using it directly as an amendment.

I had the same thought about my pond weeds and muck . If you Google it , you can find everything you need to know about how to use it .