Please help diagnose

I noticed some very tiny changes a week ago that didn’t look good and today I saw them begin to express themselves more clearly. The background:

  • Pineapple Jack from seed
  • Flipped to flower (12/12) two days ago.
  • Fed them with various nutes (mainly castings) early and a few weeks back.
  • Fed them Down to Earth Organic 4-8-4 yesterday and watered.
  • Had fungus gnats and treated with diatomaceous earth and spinosad. They seem to be gone.
  • Temp is steady around 70-75 degrees, RH 50%-60%.
  • Don’t know my pH. It was pretty neutral when I started and I used coffee to try to lower it. Haven’t checked it since.
    Here are the photos. The first is the only leaf with that problem problem I have seen. Some other pics show are brown tips on new growth. Haven’t seen brown tips on older growth. A few leaves are
    curling downward at the edges. Haven’t seen brown tips on older growth. Did see whitish tips on older leaves a week or two ago, but that seemed to clear up. Also had tiny tears in leaves but that seems to have been stopped when the fungus gnats were finally under control.

Very concerned about the big leaf with what looks like phosphorous deficiency but hoping the 4-8-4 will fix that. The brown tips…I don’t know.

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Back off on nutes if was me tap water for couple of waterings @Reefers

I use tap, but I let it sit to get rid of the chlorine. I just watered and I usually let it dry a good bit between watering. The plant is in a big container, so if you’re saying I should flush, that’s gonna be hard to do since I just top dressed and watering will carry more nutes into the soil than out. Appreciate the thoughts, though. What do you think is the problem or problems?

If you want to check the pH, the soil test strips are the cheapest option and pretty accurate. The cheap probes are junk, you’re spending around $200 for a good one of those.

I still think it would benefit from some more holes drilled in your container if you haven’t done that yet. The curling leaves you pointed out may be showing some signs of overwatering, which probably means the bottom of your container isn’t drying as much as you think.

I like growing in large containers too, but they gotta be fabric ideally or have a lot of holes.

This is a 10~15 gallon pot which I modified.

Happy roots, happy fruits.

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Thanks. Yeah, I was reluctant to drill holes because the next grow will be in cloth and I want the container for a garbage can after this, but I guess I’ll grab the drill and give it some air. If I drill at the bottom first I’ll find out quick whether it has dried out down there.

No i wasn’t talking about flushing just give them water no nutes and they be fine like @CurrDogg420 if you want to check ph you can also use pen do slurry test with pen

Got it. I have regular litmus paper, so I’ll recheck with that, but I was planning on doing nothing more to it except water after yesterday, then I saw this today. So, holes in the bottom to check the bottom for water and litmus paper and just keep an eye on it.

Maybe it has 'rona? Nobody in the house has caught that yet, so maybe my plant got it.

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Lol its possible everything else other animals they found it in deer here in ky no shit @Reefers

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Funny you should say that. According to scientists at Oregon State University, CBD-A and CBG-A bind to the SARS-Cov-2 spike protein, preventing it from binding to the ACE2 found in the outer membranes of lung and organ tissues.

Is there anything it can’t do? :heart_eyes:

“Operation Warp Weed”, let’s get er done.

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I KNEW IT! That must be why all the weed stores in the area are out of stock, not supply chain problems. The heads are smart and taking sensible precautions.

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I’ve heard about that too, and don’t think I’m not worried for our cat. I’d worry less, but with those cat ears, I can’t get the mask to stay on her.

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@Reefers , what is the ph of the tap water? Test 24hours after it’s sat out in a bucket or can or glass. It has to sit out a day or it will be off. The gasses in water under pressure take a day to gas off. People get false ph readings from tap water for their fish tanks ALL THE TIME. It’s the same with our plants. Test 12-24 hours at rest or 2-4 hours with an airstone. Anyway, if you are not starting above 7.0 I would stop adding coffee. My gut reaction was too low ph. But to know for sure you would have to over water a tad and catch the runoff in a clean bucket. Test runoff for ph.

I may be wrong, but didn’t you say you also used a sulphur product for ph down in another thread? Sorry if I am wrong on that, I have read a lot of threads😊. If sulphur product is in your mix + coffee ph downed water you may be getting a tad too low ph. That looks like low ph to me.

And It’s so easy to test for.

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I was joking about that @Reefers but they supposedly found it in deer here no one in my house hasn’t had it either and there not sticking that shit in my arm no matter what the hell they say talking about vaccine’s

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@Daddy1971 amen to that brother I’m right there with ya

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Only used the sulfur-based pesticide once or twice and the coffee twice. Just wanted to lower the pH a little. I don’t think I had a lot of impact on a ten gallon container, but now I need to check it and make sure. I do let the tap water sit for a day to outgas, but I haven’t tested the water. That’s an easy one to test.

I bought one of those cheap pH/light/moisture test devices from Amazon. Fifteen bucks I won’t see back again.

I agree, if you used them sparingly then that’s not likely the problem. I got the impression you used them more frequently.

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@Reefers what size pots are you in and how big is your plant with the feed and coffee grounds i think to much nitrogen you adding after flipping lights

No, not much. I didn’t think the Natria (the sulfur product) was effective, so I switched to spinosad for the fungus gnats. It worked. But I’m going to check the pH. I’m still very much a novice so every bit helps.

@Daddy1971 @Reefers When covid first hit, they found it rampant in the mink farms up here in Langley, BC. Think they ended up culling thousands of them, and don’t think the farms have been allowed to start back up. Apparently it mutates in animals (no shit, didn’t it originate in some Chinese meat market, or bio lab?).

Omicron is just an anagram of Moronic!

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When they find the 𝛑 variant next it will never repeat and go on forever.

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