Please help diagnose

Keep in mind coffee also adds nitrogen also your using good nutes but the PH swing in it is profound mix the night before using to let it stabilize looks like Not enough air, PH swing did you use magnifying glass to look for mites?

good afternoon to all! today something unexpected happened, the plug came off the timer and the plants slept for another four hours. I went to see and two of the 6 plants released preflowers. I’m entering the 7th week of vegetation and my question is if this was a sign that I should enter the period of 12/12 or I continue my initial idea of ​​8 weeks of vega

@SWS5S4 up to you. You can veg the extra week if you want or go to flower. This early into preflower it won’t hurt going back to veg.

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Since you seem to be growing organic and just top dressed I doubt it is nutes or PH. I would lean towards wet roots that need oxygen.

Or opposite and the soil dried at one point and you need to activate some microbes to break down your slow release feed.

04 is a boy?

Does anyone know why the leaves are like that?