Photo to auto plants

From what I understand, topping a photo then going to 12/12 thus to flower works, right? So why bother with autos? Anyone

I am pretty new so not an expert. But I grow autos for a few reasons- 1. I can not legally grow outdoors in this state.
2. I have limited room inside.
3. Because medically (and recreational) it costs quite a bit of money to just purchase weed and the turnaround time on autos speaks for itself.
4. As I learn I am able to grow bigger yields and because autos grow so fast I am able to try a bigger variety of strains in a shorter amount of time.
5. The bottom line is all of the above plus…my growing is a serious hobby. I find it fascinating, relaxing and I don’t have to wait an entire summer for my girls to go through all growth stages. So I learn more faster. How we grow what we grow is a personal preference. Since I am not doing it as a business and dependent on pounds, This works for me. However you decide how you do your thing grow well be happy


A photo will still have to reach a point of maturity before it will flip. You cannot harvest a photo genus, from start to finish, in 8-11 weeks, like an autoflower can
Autoflowers are also SHORTER…becasue of the ruderalis breeding, they grow shorter, faster
So, if your tent / grow area is capped / restricted on height, if you have light constraints…auto - the way to go. No need to go to 12/12 to induce flowering. I do 20/4…
In fall, as long as I get about 5 hrs of light, I can grow auto outdoors

so there, now you have SOME reasons to go auto
stretch…auto do not stretch as much as photo periods do


I agree about the variety of strains. I have just started growing and the more I read about the different strains, the more I want to grow and try…auto’s make that so much easier to do.

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@rt447x photo period plants require 4-6 weeks of veg (after the roughly 2 to 3 weeks of germination and seedling) to reach sexual maturity so they can flower. So by the time a photo is ready to flower some autos have already gone seed to harvest.

They are fast plants with a quick turnaround and they’re easy to grow. They don’t yield as much as photos and they don’t have as distinct terpene profiles but they are almost on par with potency THC wise.

Autos are a great compromise if you have limited space, limited time, and just need your own supply.

You can easily do 2 auto runs in the time it takes to do 1 photo run.

Photos will forever be my personal preference because of everything you can do with them, but I love growing autos too for a quick harvest during and between photo grows.


I prefer photo, I like the whole take my time and cruise, like taking a slow ride up north during foliage. But autos are awsome to get your feet wet, like having sex in college no strings attached just pure fun.

Happy growing


I agree. I like a mixture of both. I planted 3 auto’s and 3 photo’s at the same time. My auto’s have 3 more weeks of curing while my photo’s have 1 more month of flowering, + the drying time and curing process.

This staggered harvest should keep us supplied year round. For the first time in 40 years we won’t have to settle for what happens to be available on the streets at the time. For months I had stashed away enough to carry us through this growing time.


Variety, ease of growing, space, no worry about light cycle, all excellent reasons, but the most important, because we want to.

Theres not 1 set way to grow cannabis. Everyone gets to make their own path along this journey.


Remember, many, if not all, suffer from IMAGINATION!
The MIND is a Terrible thing :crazy_face:

Mike how’s that Viper XS working out for you…I’m on my second grow…The Viper 2500 is a killer light…No regrets…I’d send photos but can’t anymore…Can you tell me how well your auto did with 5 hours of outside sunlight

The Viper XS is off the charts…I also had a custom light built (in China)…8 bars, fold-able, 389 lamps Samsung 301b, included IR and UV bulbs, 650w dual drivers with 6’ leads so I could mount it OUTSIDE my tent, and dimmable…
Autos outside- I grew auto’s in my garden until November…They only got about 4/5 hrs of sunlight from Oct to Nov but having had them out thee in September, they did well. As much as I harvest in my tent actually. I had some Mid Nov auto I put in the ground but they did not make it much past Christmas…Just stunted out…Got a joint or 2 from them
So I put a dozen GSC under the Big light along with 8 more (a few in 2gal pots, the rest all in 1 gal…gonna scrog them and am Re-Vegging a photo GDP and BubbaKush, along with an Acapulco Gold under the Viper. I have 2 others that I am just finishing off some of the Nov auto’s I did in the tent (G13, Super Lemon H, Alaskan Purp and Ak47)
I built a little PVC cage, attached 4 12v pc fans (hot glue), wired, and I can control the direction of the airflow by turning the pvc pipe in its corner connectors. Will add bamboo sticks to make the net / screen. Did 4 way connectors at the top so I can add another layer of netting…Everything is growing great except 2 plants…gottta be genetics cause everything is the same except the seeds
How is everything your side, been a while

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I’m just staying busy…I overloaded my small grow space on first grow…OK harvest though…The ladies were packed like sardines…Couldn’t stretch their wings,if you know what I mean…I have two og kush in there now…I need the room for the photo seedlings…Got a couple of 4’ T5 that I used to grow with in Scrog,but have no room…I would like to have the photos in the ground around late March or early April…Spring is in the air here…GSC,Gelato,and some no name strains that was also shiped…It will be cool to see the no-names grow…
Acapulco Gold,Really fond memories with this strain…Is it the same as you remember.

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I will have to set a reminder to not show up here. Y’all are making me want to plant more stuff. I appreciate Y’all! :v:t2:

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That’s the idea…Grow grow grow


Not exactly but close. I think @DollarBill also has some AG seeds. I have 2 seeds left and I am thinking I need to seed this girl. My strain is 10 years old and my seed still popped in 2 days…OMG…I’m blessed
I know what you mean bout overcrowding. I had 32 plants in my tent just a short while ago…no breathing room.
I got it under control now but I only have 3, maybe 4 (she is struggling—Jamaican) for the yard. Just been so busy…but busy getting nothing done…Know what I mean?
I got a dozen irons in the fire and guess I must be a sadomasochist…
At least I am not bored! :laughing:


It’s irons-in-the-fire time for sure…Got a room full of dormant tropical plants needing to go back outside later this month…Been helping the other-half replanting bulbs and reworking the garden…She likes a beautiful yard and I’m the free labor… By the way, has anyone been able to send pictures lately…I was able up until 2 weeks past to upload pictures from either camera or photo gallery off my phone…Even one photo says to much data.


I just offloaded 13 cherry tomato plants and six bell peppers. More space. Thank you for the assistance. :v:t2: :star_struck:

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I am seeding my maters from last year…Using my nano solution to treat mold on the emerging slices of tomato i put in clear boxes. 80f & 80rh…I get mold in 2 days right on the soil where the tomato slices are. I spray my solution and I am 10 days in with MOLD GONE! no re-emergence.
@Jared hope it works as well for you as it is for my tomato test bed…
I ordered my BASIL seeds as accompaniments…Seeds 4 Some Zucchini and squash (for the FLOWERS) too. Coming from east coast…hope they get here soon…spring is a poppin in Vegas


I just tried to upload two pics…said the file was too big. Been that way for a while now :frowning:

@Kris try this app in Google play works awesome so far