Phenotype Variation among Auto Flowering Deee-Lite

I want to know if this growth is normal? I thought maybe hermaphroditism, but I also noted the teardrop shape to the structures in question. They are hollow, which leads me to believer they are female parts. I don’t have enough growing experience to fully understand the variation of growth. Plant experienced nute burn in early flower. Developing buds are light and airy.
Any input? Comments are welcome
Thanks in advance.

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Looks like they’re just swollen calyxes. If these are outdoors autos usually have a tough time producing CO2 or getting access to it, as they don’t have a REM cycle like photoperiods. So their buds will generally be a little more airy outdoors. If this is indoors try adding some CO2 like TNB Naturals to your grow and you should see a massive density improvement. Happy Growing!

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Thanks for the feedback and the in-depth answer. She is outdoors. I am researching your advice now. Thanks again…

@PhilosopherStone im having the same problem i thought it was a herme