PH runoff for new soil

I have water PH at 6.5 pour it through sohum soil and it came out at 7.5.The soil is new out of bag. is this acceptable or what should I do.

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Try watering from the bottom, then every other water go from top. Keep adjusting

Give it time. To a just bag soil should👌always be 6.8-7.0 at least merical grow is I use that soil always have works gteat.cost.20bag enough to grow several in pots.

I grow in living soil… My well water is 7.5-8 ph and I make no adjustments. My soil ph is 5.9. Nature just has a way it seems with organic growing.

It should adjust. Although sounds very high for a living soil. (3.0, lite, Ocean forrest, are never that high out of the bag). Maybe you just got a bag lite on the amendment or is still too new and all the amendment is not broken down. It will adjust… If not, eventually it will come down when the living soil has a proper amount of nutrient in it to flower cannabis.

But then again, BAS would never sell a bag of soil that didn’t have proper dwell time before it was bagged.