Perfect 2x4 Setup for autos!

Here is a video I did on the perfect setup for growing autos at home, its quiet, and features automated environment controls! Hope this helps anyone just getting into growing autos!

2X4 Tent Setup!


Thanks for the video. What was that humidifier you used?? I’d love to get the take out of tent, one more plant lol.


It’s like I checked out somewhere a while back or I’m given some sort of character credit and allowed to see behind curtains or something…No idea why I’m just now seeing this.

Either way, thanks for putting this here, @Highigan !! Now I have a link to send my friend to.


@kmac03 Thanks fam! We are doing grow series all everything we are learning so its fun to follow along! We will have the next grow vid releasing shortly! Starting some autos form HGCC in the 2x2 then moving into the 2x4. We have heavens 5x5 filling up with 12 autos! Starting a perpetual!


Sorry for the late reply! Links to everything in the video description but here is the one we use!


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Perfect timing. My friend should have some seeds today. :v:t2: :star_struck:

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Seriously people of the forum. @Highigan has some AMAZING content on YouTube. Its actually fun to watch, educational, and it supports our community.

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I have a 2x4x5 tent. I’m ok with it but its really not big enough for 2 plants. The nukehead will fill this whole tent and it’s going to be an issue with the Northern lights auto. I would say with this size tent I would stick with the dwarf plants.

Depends on if you train them or not. I got 3 critical bilbos in a 2×4 right now, in 5 gallon bags. Gonna be flipping to flower soon, and yes I expect to have the tent full.