Paging the one and only MDBuds

@MDBuds Waddaya think, Doc? Auto blueberry, nine weeks old. I give ‘em about three weeks to live. Just gave em a haircut, got em profililing under the light. Got a sick looking cola on the short sister.


@Northcountryguy profililing?

And are you using sick as “man that’s so sick!” Or “hey man, I think my plant is looking sickly?”

Ya know, I thought this might happen. Then I thought,nah, he won’t take it literally. :rofl:
But just look at that pineapple looking mofo next to the white fan cord coming down in the back row. That is some sick af autoflower.

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@Northcountryguy just had to make sure man. People hit me up all the time about sick plants so it’s my go to.

I was looking at it pretty hard scratching my head and thinking it looked fine. That is a good looking top on the smaller one though. Should fill out nice and dense if you don’t harvest it to early. :joy:

Hence the thinly veiled suggestion of three more weeks, about which time that top on the smaller plant will look like a pineapple dipped in vanilla frosting. I’m not exactly ready to say I can carve it in stone, but I seem to have ticked enough of the right boxes on this at bat to get some good results maybe.

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By the way, it has not gone unnoticed that despite head scratching, no obvious ailments were noted. That’s kinda like passing a roadside DOT check without any discrepancies, har! ( slinks away gently preening the new feather…)

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71 days. Might make 12 weeks?

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74 days above ground. To my lousy eye, looks like it can go a while yet.

image image

@Northcountryguy I’d whack about 4" from that tall one “Just to teach it a lesson” , oh and to encourage those below it to fatten up. lol!

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And today we chopped. It tipped the scale at a shade under 7.5 Oz wet. Got it hanging in the drying box


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@Northcountryguy Well now, don’t I feel silly? You know what they say, “Timing is everything”.

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