Paging the one and only MDBuds

@MDBuds Waddaya think, Doc? Auto blueberry, nine weeks old. I give ‘em about three weeks to live. Just gave em a haircut, got em profililing under the light. Got a sick looking cola on the short sister.


@Northcountryguy profililing?

And are you using sick as “man that’s so sick!” Or “hey man, I think my plant is looking sickly?”

Ya know, I thought this might happen. Then I thought,nah, he won’t take it literally. :rofl:
But just look at that pineapple looking mofo next to the white fan cord coming down in the back row. That is some sick af autoflower.

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@Northcountryguy just had to make sure man. People hit me up all the time about sick plants so it’s my go to.

I was looking at it pretty hard scratching my head and thinking it looked fine. That is a good looking top on the smaller one though. Should fill out nice and dense if you don’t harvest it to early. :joy:

Hence the thinly veiled suggestion of three more weeks, about which time that top on the smaller plant will look like a pineapple dipped in vanilla frosting. I’m not exactly ready to say I can carve it in stone, but I seem to have ticked enough of the right boxes on this at bat to get some good results maybe.

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By the way, it has not gone unnoticed that despite head scratching, no obvious ailments were noted. That’s kinda like passing a roadside DOT check without any discrepancies, har! ( slinks away gently preening the new feather…)

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71 days. Might make 12 weeks?


74 days above ground. To my lousy eye, looks like it can go a while yet.

image image

@Northcountryguy I’d whack about 4" from that tall one “Just to teach it a lesson” , oh and to encourage those below it to fatten up. lol!

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And today we chopped. It tipped the scale at a shade under 7.5 Oz wet. Got it hanging in the drying box


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@Northcountryguy Well now, don’t I feel silly? You know what they say, “Timing is everything”.

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they’re looking pretty stringy looks like they were stretched out of proportion, my buds were fuller than that, what happened?

The stray bud accidentally snipped when chopping that appears in the left foreground of the pic dried enough to chop/dry/test. Two notable items. First, rocket fuel! Goddamned rocket fuel!
Second, this was some dense, wet weed when chopped. It’s drying slowly, with some crunchy, Frosted Flakes action on the surface of the hefty buds.