Outdoor to indoor and now some light yellowing.....ideas why?

Hi everyone. I moved my autos inside 5 days ago because the weather here in New England has been brutally wet and humid for all of July and my plants were starting to get bud rot and heat stressed. Rather than risk losing all of them, I removed all rot and bought an indoor grow set up. I have always grown outside so this is my first time using a tent. I have a Marshydro TSW 2000 LED light that is about 20" above the plants and it is on 100% for 18hrs per day and dark for 6hrs. The plants seem to have responded really well to lower temps and much lower humidity, but I recently noticed some slight yellowing on some of the fan leaves. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? My water PH is the same as it was when plants were outside which is around 6.5 to 7. Humidity in the tent is around 55%…the photo shows a bit higher as tent was open and I was watering the plants. Also I germinated these autos on May 12th so they are 11 weeks old.
Thank you for any advice!!

Try adding some cal/mag to your next watering at half strength. A bit of blackstrap molasses wouldn’t hurt either. Late in the autoflower cycle, they can have tendencies to yellow also. Hope that was helpful to you and happy growing!

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The ladies look pretty darn good, my friend.

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Thanks Jram! I used blackstrap molasses last year on my photo period Afghan Kush and those plants turned out beautifully. I haven’t ever used it on my autos, but will give them some when I water next.

It works the same, later in flower as with photos. I use a quarter tsp/L and let it sit for 2-3 hours. Shaken or stirred :joy:

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you might want to consider ammonia spray…never with lights on, always at dusk, dawn…fan on/air circulating…A shot glass of MALE urine (female urine has other hormones in it), to a bout a standard quart spray bottle. Nitrogen fix in 1/2 days as it is absorbed right through the leaves. DO not spray the buds…it will / can stunt bud development. If leaves green up, you need N is your substrate but not too much that it will affect flowering. N is reduced during flower, but not eliminated

also remember the molasses will lower your ph…i live in upstate ny, & soggy here as well, ill be spraying with some ammonia & water mix tonight… alot of yellow leaves here as well…

Thanks Mike. That is helpful info. I will try the ammonia spray as well.