Outdoor Stealth Pests

Due to threatening weather, I moved my seeding pots to a bench in the garage. The next morning, all seedlings were gone, like something plucked them out of the soil. One pot had disturbed soil, like something was digging out the seedling. What could it be? The doors and windows were closed. This occurred in the warm and humid south.

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Hey there MsCat, My best guess would be some sort of lizard that eats greens, a mouse, or a cat that smelled it and wanted some. So sorry that happened to you, always very unfortunate when critters get to seedlings! - Kronic

Thanks, Derek! It most likely was an anole. There are a lot of those lizards around. And they do get everywhere, including garages and homes.

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No problem! Propagation trays help with pest keeping them covered so that’s what I would recommend :grin: best of luck and thanks for commenting and joining our community!